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Roger Sterling is a goddamn fictional national treasure.

That exchange between Jax's girlfriend and Peg Bundy is hilarious. I think the show's a guilty pleasure for me, but that part and the cop's acting were bad tv.

I still like the soap opera aspect of the show with Jax everyday looking more and more like the bad guy with the SoA. I think that's the most interesting part of the show for me and what keeps me coming back.

And I just realized a couple of days ago that Jax is the British roommate from Judd Apatow's Undeclared. I actually thought he was kind of annoying there.

MLK was killed in 1968. The thing the Drapers' maid - Carla - is listening to the radio about is the bombing of a black church in Birmingham, Alabama, and the four little girls killed therein.

One L, cocksucker.

The extra L stood for "love", dicklicker.

I'm probably on board with Anarchy for the time being, mostly due to Kurt Sutter. But man, they're casting this show with a bunch of numbskulls. People like Segal and Perlman can and have done good work before, but all of their scenes are with charisma vampires, and the scripts usually give those chumps the upper hand. It's absurd.

I agree for the most part, Tucker. I think I'm a little more forgiving of Jax than you, but he does seem deliver his lines the same way a lot of the time.

I disagree about Sagal, though. She's getting more and more annoying to me every episode. Although, I wonder if it's her storyline that's getting annoying. I was naive, but I thought they'd do something unique with the rape angle. Serves me right for being an idiot, I guess.

I do like Perlman, though. And I definitely agree with you about Opie. I'm liking the cop from Batman Begins, too. The rest of the characters can be dropped off a cliff. Especially that "tough guy" that's from one of the ancillary gangs who seems to show up out of nowhere every so often. The guy who's so eager to kill everyone.

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