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Yeah ... the whole Child Rape/Boy Side-Kick thing was pretty much played out after Bratpack, but I did love the whole bit about Robot Ghost. And the satire of Batman's over-protectiveness of replacement Robins was pretty spot on ...

As for Mad Men, I haven't minded the focus on Don & Betty this season because I think January Jones is underrated. (The emotions she conveys with subtle facial expressions gets me each time ...) Still, I'm assuming Duck is going to end up in charge of the firm and it will be nice to see more office politics again.

I don't know, man, I kind of gave up on the office politics angle when they had Draper go to California, and ever since then I've been a Don and Betty (and Joan) fan. The rest of them are just kind of there now. Especially Peggy, who I guess is the protagonist but they don't know what to do with her anymore.

And Matt, I thought Capt. Sunshine was pretty funny. I also liked that Monarch killed Wonderboy one night while he was drunk but he got busted for standing around in Phantom Limb's garden screaming obscenities. I don't know I thought the voice of Batman saying it all made it work, maybe for the first time, but that was me.

Oh yeah, the bits where he got nuttily overprotective were pretty hilarious, like when he beat the shit out of the scorpion-themed villain because of a wrong comment when they were chatting through their car windows. There was a lot of hilarious stuff in the episode, for sure.

Tucker: Hey, don't forget about the other mean guy Jeremy Sisto played, in that movie where Felicity was the pie lady and her grumpy-but-lovable boss was Andy Rooney. That one made me want to boo and hiss whenever I see him.

I'm going to have to go and look at my Waitress dvd, but I don't think Andy Rooney was in that movie...

Bad Girls Club 4 starts December 1st, start the road training & nitrous regiment now.

Maybe not, but wouldn't it have been better if Andy Rooney WAS in the movie? The answer, of course, is no.

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