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I actually agree with you on B/R this time, it was kind of ass. Also correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't everyone in a dark alley last issue? Why are they all up on a rooftop all of the sudden?

"If you can't get basic real world shit to be non-retarded, how you gonna handle the fantastic?" is a drop-dead money quote that should be embroidered on tea cozies and sent to every freelancer at the Big Two.

Actually, it's not just been "a little while" since a writer/artist was on Batman, as far as I can tell it's been that way since at least #300 - not even for a single issue. Closest it got was when John Byrne wrote, but even then he didn't pencil and Aparo did it instead.

I guess that's what disagreeing about Batman and Robin #6 is all about? I feel like Philip Tan's turning it into a dirty back-alley fucking that'll probably give me an STI but at least it's fun, while you're wondering where the hell that bitch went with your coat.

If you value 'old school' letters pages, you need to read Groo

Ha, you're right about the Batman, I was thinking of Lapham's run, but that was in Detective. Runs together in my mind, these things.

See, I really liked the first arc of Batman and Robin. Flying car! Frog crook guy! Crazy action scenes! It wasn't cerebral stuff, but it was zany and somewhat kinetic.

This arc just seemed like a jumble of ideas mixed together with bad, bad dialogue. And I love Grant Morrison, but even I know that dialogue isn't his strength, but man, this was something else. Having Jason Todd yell die four or five times gets a little boring, y'know what I mean?

I disagree with you, Tucker, in that I think RIP was very good. However, I definitely agree with an earlier review you had done for B&R. Remember when we had Bat-men and crazy demon villains? How about more of those, Grant?

And man, Phillip Tan's art...yikes. Bring on Cam Stewart and Frazier Irving.

Sorry for the lack of proofreading with that post...

S.W.O.R.D. was terrific. You're too cynical.

S.W.O.R.D. was pretty fun, I'll second that.

You know who has quietly turned into one of my favorite characters? Domino. Yeah, no shit. An odd thing happened with her in the last decade: after not really having a personality besides being Cable's on-again/off-again Girl Friday fucktoy, they started putting her in stories that didn't have Cable in them and suddenly she had a personality. Kind of wry, very deadpan, and despite the fact that she's an albino mutant mercenary (I don't think she's a "real" albino, just chalky white), more or less grounded. She's got OCD, too. It's one of those odd spandrel moments when a bunch of writers working more or less independently just managed to heap a pile of random attributes together in such a way that it cohered into an interesting character - the fictional equivalent of Dr. Manhattan's thermodynamic miracles.

Good god, did Speedy have to imagine his junkie daughter from such a low angle? Why's he so obsessed with her ass? It's like creepy old-man Adam Sandler in that movie with the magic remote.

Also, yes, SWORD was quite enjoyable, and hey, cartoony art is fun. What, does Beast have to look like a Wendihulk to make you happy?

The best way to read most of today's comic book stories is from the end of a particular story-arc and then work your way back. It adds a Memento-ish craziness that the creators are subconsciously wired to achieve. Or maybe not. Anyway, it works for me. Batman and Robin #6 was crazy-fun, and I can't wait to read #5 and #4.

There's good "cartoony" art and then not so good. Look at that women's head from the first panel to the second. And did she somehow get taller?

I feel like Sanders' art has more than enough personality and distinction to make up for some perspective failings. I thought the same thing about Philip Tan too, until this latest issue where I literally couldn't even tell what was happening.

Also, what did you think of the new Jason Aaron Punisher?

Do you think Morrison just decides to write terrible stories when he knows he's going to have a terrible artist?

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