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I sincerely hope the next issue of Adventure Comics has Superboy Prime reacting to this blog post.

What's the 1st best Urasawa comic this year? Is it 20th Century Boys?

Flash: Rebirth by a nose!

"because it's in the best interest of all involved to maintain the lie, which is that there's a whole crop of independent alt comics that are really great, totally different from those g.d. super-hero comics, "puke". It's not true,"

I totally disagree, because there are a whole crop of independent, alt comics that are really great and different from superhero comics. They're just the ones pretty much everyone talks about - Acme Novelty Library, Love & Rockets, etc. Sure, most of the alt comics are complete crap, but most of anything is crap. There are also a whole crop of superhero comics that are better than all the rest of the superhero comics.

Pluto is better than everything above, though.

I'm sure I'll seem like an idiot for asking, but what's a mini-comic?


It's a self-made comic. It's called a mini-comic because usually it's a few pieces of paper folded in half.

Thanks, Kenny.

No problem, Jacob. You aren't missing out on anything - the vast majority are awful. However, once in a while a gem sneaks out like Kevin Huizenga's mini-comics or Jeff Lemiere's mini-comics. But that's pretty rare.

BTW - There's actually an entire niche for these things. Some people *really* love them.

King Cat 4-Ever.

As blanket statements, much of what you say about the scene *does* apply--in much the same way that any condemnation of a scene, style, genre or whatever applies. Lots of things are pretty bad but the good stuff is really good.

Same with superheroes, Vertigo-esque work, manga, Hollywood movies, French films and so on and so on.

Without even touching on the Chris Wares, Dan Clowes, Hernandezes and other Old Guard, the curious comics explorer can find a number of intellectually wealthy, graphically sophisticated and conceptually sound comics in the minicomics world.

Throwing a few names around, we can note:

Eleanor Davis' minis
Hope Larson's minis
Sarah Oleksyk's "IVY"
Nate Doyle's "The Archer"
Ryan Cecil Smith's minis
John Porcellino's "King Cat"
Kazimir Strzpek's "Mourning Star"
Aaron Renier's occasional minicomics
Gabrielle Bell's "Lucky" and other minis
Megan Baehr
Anthony Clark
Gabby Schulz/Ken Dahl's "Monsters"
Hellen Jo's not-quite-a-"minicomic," "Jin & Jam"
Sarah Glidden's "How to Understand Israel in Sixty Days or Less"
Megan Kelso's "Artichoke Tales"
Alec Longstreth's "Basewood" story from "Phase 7"
Lisa Eisenberg's "I Cut My Hair,"
Katie Skelly's "Nurse Nurse"
of course James Kochalka's old minis
Lucy Knisley's comics
Anything by Brian Ralph
Kevin Huizenga's "Supermonster/Or Else"

This list is just getting silly.

Instead of the backhanded compliment for Soto's work by condemning a scene that you imply that you're not naturally familiar with, why don't you approach minicomics and independent comics the same way that you do the more mainstream comics that are more your interest?

It's disingenuous to claim that most independent comics suck when you're clearly referring to "baby's first mini" and "Elflord666's Phantazy Saga" in your implied condemnation. Take it seriously, there are plenty of wonderful, fun independent comics.


"...why don't you approach minicomics and independent comics the same way that you do the more mainstream comics that are more your interest?"

I don't think you realize quite what you're asking for here.

Ayo that was pretty unnecessary, since the point of this blog is cathartic bile flinging, hyperbole and blanket statements.

In the future, I advise anyone who wants to make a comment like that to just refrain.

Oh my God, click on Ayo's link. No wonder he's getting so defensive, he's ONE OF THEM. He's the Second Sentence.

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