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Middle school? It feels in between 5th and 9th grade to me.

And also, your writing is HELL OF extravagant even to this day :)

9th grade? How old do you think I am?

Jesus, what a loaded question.

I assumed, like...late 20s early 30s? I meant that it seemed BEFORE 9th grade, 9th grade was never on the table for me.

So that about sums it up, then. Very nice.

(However, my mind is BLOWN that you read "The Great Brain". And you're right about the fighting.)

no "I Am the Cheese"?

that book screwed with me as a kid, it was like a YA "One Flew Over the CucKoo's Nest" with none of the smothering giant Indians but twice the patricide.

I didn't like Maniac Magee much, myself. Too depressing; the cover totally made it look more fun.

Life, the Universe, and Everything is totally the best of the trilogy. Of five. Or six, now.

Bunnicula was the bomb, almost as good as the Wayside High School book.

Dear lord are you right about Bunnicula. Always hated Spinelli like the plague though.

Tucker Stone is 157 years old, and he couldn't write for shit until he got his hands on the internet. Don't let him fool you with his Bunnicula nonsense. He read that book in galleys.

Bunnicula is one of the greatest series of books ever! Right along with The Cricket in Times Square series! Sideways Stories From Wayside School was awesome, too!

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