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The guy who wrote this also wrote a comic where Poison Ivy is (nearly?) tentacle raped and chased by an extremely phallic plant.

It's all really very creepy. Like, who actually gets off on this stuff? That can be the sexual get off or the "I enjoy books like this for non-prurient reasons" get off, I don't care-- who wants this?

Wow. That's just...wow.

Isn't Dini the dude that does the DC cartoons, too? Um...

Also, like, what's up with Harley's tits on the cover? They look like they're forming a really poorly crafted boat.

I thought that was worth mentioning.

God, they canceled Catwoman for this? Catwoman was actually a great comic.

Or, at the very least, it was "good enough."

Harley's breasts look like the scooper on the front of a bulldozer. Good god, this is amazing comics.


Is a nice comic, you are giving it too much though on it

>The whole thing lacks contrast in color. The cactus and Poison Ivy are the same color


>That's not what ivy looks like. Those are just full on tree roots.


the 15 year old inside of me just hit puberty...late


Yeah, get on board with Team Comics, Nina. Everyone knows that cactus dicks are green and, like, really cool. Who are you to dislike cactus dicks? Don't be a hater.


Nina, don't lower yourself by being photographed in a unitard & heels and posting it on an internet comic book site.

make Tucker do it.

Don't make Tucker do that, because then I'd end up having to stab my own eyes out.

And possibly those of everyone around me.

Not because it's awful, no. But because it would be the single greatest image in the entire universe, and really, how do you top that?

Oh Lord. You got linked at by the DC Boards or something.

Which. at least, answers the "What kind of people get off on this shit" question nicely.

Yeah, it was 4chan. Kind of an honor actually.

What does it mean when something is STYLIN ON YOU

Does that mean you look good or does STYLIN ON YOU mean somebody is taking pictures of you from afar?

I miss when Dini would just imply that Harley & Poison Ivy were a couple. Oh well...

"Stylin on u" is from a classic youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNRA4_JhO4A

I'm surprised that 4chan knows about it, though. I thought those guys weren't down with black people?

Also, it's "u mad."

So 4chan is like Scans-Daily for Manga and Anime? With about the same level of discourse amongst the devoted faithful?

4chan is the wellspring of all that is wonderful on the internets.

sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
you think its a cock. I think its a cactus.
because its.. ya know.. a cactus.

Nina, this past week the only comic I read was the Chris Ware comic in the New Yorker. I'm telling you this because I'm beginning to follow your model of reading one comic a week (but it has to be a comic that really appeals to me, or else I spend an hour reading Achewood archives).

Anyway, you should read the Chris Ware comic in the New Yorker. I'm starting to really care about the one legged woman from "Building Stories." I'm hoping he collects all of her stories. But it's making me happier to spend better quality time with comics. Here are the ones I've read recently I think you'd like:

- Love & Rockets V2 (Or do two weeks, with V1 one week and V2 the next!)
- The Chris Ware New Yorker thing
- The two Amulet books from Kazu Kibuishi. (The story is a little cliche, but the character art is incredible)
- Invincible from Robert Kirkman & Ryan Ottley
- I know I'm forgetting a couple of really good ones....

Anyway, I think you should stop torturing yourself with Marvel & DC. I think there can be good books from those companies but the vast majority are books that appeal to a niche.

But if nothing else, your weekly column is making me fall in love with good comics all over again.

I have no real interest in this comic, but I'll say this; It seems creepier to me when you get the sense that the guys making these comics and reading them really do want to depict them in overtly sexual ways but refrain — not out of a sense of propriety, but out of some childish sense of embarrassment .This, stuff on the other hand— at least they're acknowledging it, you know? There's no real reason to look at Poison Ivy, or to draw her, than to inspire a half-chub in sweat pants.
Would it be better if they took her seriously, as a character? I honestly don't know. I kinda think it's this or nothin.

Honestly, I am simply left at a loss for words that someone who did so many good Batman stories in one medium could so consistently fail using the same characters in another medium.

Maybe there is an argument to be made for standards & practices restrictions actually fostering creativity by forcing creative people to, you know, be creative. Instead of just telling the artist to draw some prime jackin' material and calling it a day. (And by "prime" I mean pitiful. And it's not even like Dini isn't married to a real, life woman, either. He should know better! But since his wife regularly dresses like Zatanna for fun, I guess the fuck not.)

Well, to be fair MarkAndrew, 4chan actuallly has a comics board, so they're really just scans_daily except with pedophiles instead of "feminists" and an obsession with Deadpool and Harley Quinn instead of Cassandra Cain Batgirl and Spoiler.

Also scans_daily doesn't explicitly condone piracy, whereas /co/ has multiple threads devoted to rapidshares links of release day scans. Also, members of the board have written and commissioned copious amounts of Avatar: The Last Airbender and Power Pack pornography.

So yeah, they're equally awful, but in completely different ways.

Makes sense to me that a cactus, which retains a ton of liquid, would be a perfect plant to engorge and explode to put out some flames...and the white stuff, cactus milk--right?

Seriously though, relax and don't read. I mean look at the frakking cover, what's the surprise?

"Honestly, I am simply left at a loss for words that someone who did so many good Batman stories in one medium could so consistently fail using the same characters in another medium."

I think editorial assigned him that Hush tie in to Batman RIP and Dini just decided it wasn't worth it anymore.

Uland's point is interesting. Initially, I thought about how nice Catwoman was when it first started up, when it was just simple noir super-hero stuff, basically a Daredevil warm-up where Catwoman worked her way towards committing murder--but that wasn't too much of an exception, Catwoman's had some semi-decent non-wank stories before. But Poison Ivy? Nothing. She's always been jerk-off fodder. Even that Batman video-game has her moaning and groaning when she's getting batarangs thrown into her face. Whether that means that they should be lauded for doing it openly...hm.

I can still see how this would be a really odd book if you didn't read enough of these things to know this sort of stuff isn't that unusual. Hell, isn't this the fourth or fifth bukkake comic this year?

I recall defending Marvel Divas on messages boards/blogs, calling for reserved judgment until at least the first issue came out and having such pleas fall on deaf ears while people would tout how DC's Gotham City Sirens was far more female friendly. So now with each passing issue of Sirens I can't help but laugh.


I think you should read Bart Simpson Comics #50 next week. The entire issue is done by Sergio Aragones, one of the big contributors to MAD Magazine in its prime and a master of comics. I read it last night as my comic of the week and it was *really* fun.

I don't think my store got that Bart Simpson comic, or I probably would have had to buy it. Sergio! Luckily, I got my Groo fix last week, so all was good.

Matt, it's worth trying to hunt down. It's fun in the way the old Simpsons episodes used to be.

"And yeah, I just dropped an f-bomb because the more I look at this and write about it the more offended I am."

You're personally offended that sex happens anywhere? Like it's an attack on you? That's uhhhh.... weird.

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