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As far back as All of Me?

Matthew, are you unfamiliar with the oeuvre of Rosey Grier?


Damn, that's a much better example. I would definitely have used it if I had been aware of its existence. I was afraid that All of Me might not be the best reference, but it was the only one that came to mind. I guess I could have googled "two heads sharing one body", but that might not have led to what I wanted...

I totally agree with you, Sean, on The Prisoner - and I've never even seen the original. It just reeks of desperately trying to copy everything I've heard is in Lost.

And V - I'm watching just out of nostalgia. It's very by the numbers. I'm having some fun guessing all the "surprises," and I'm awful at that game.

This is why I hate fictional TV shows - almost all of it sucks.

I was about 4 or 5 episodes behind last week, but I've finally caught up.

Gemma's storyline is so forced, it's not even funny. In season 1, she's pretty much the manipulative brains behind the Gemma-Clay tandem, then she gets raped, and converts to Christianity. I take it back, it is quite funny.

But I will admit, that scene with her revealing her secret to Clay and Jax worked for me. I still can't excuse everything that came before it, but I'm satisfied with the conclusion (I hope this is the conclusion of that, at least).

I love that we see a plan finally develop, as well, with them targeting Zobelle's right hand man.

And I agree about Darby deserving a better death. What was the point of that? And what was the point of reintroducing the accountant that had the masturbation problem? He showed up and died in the fire. That's all.

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