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A regiment is a military group (consisting of two or more battalions.) A regimen is a regulated course, as of exercise or medication.

Your error has decimated me. I am now 10% eliminated.

One doesn't "tow" a line, as lines are unmovable. One minds one's toes as they approach said line.

I'm going to do this all day. Then I'm going to kill Buckwheat. Do we understand each other?

David Fucking Morse was on House? At the same time as Andre Bruagher?

Was that the episode with Stephen Fry where they all did body shots off each other and exchanged Build-A-Bears?

this erection won't go away.


David Morse was..two seasons ago? All I know is his character got fucking annoying real damn quick...

Man, being married is nice, isn't it? Take that, singles, with your sexual promiscuity and rampant free time!

I never said it was my erection.

Also, everyone who reads this stuff on this here site here has GOT to buy "The Winter Men" trade paperback. It's amazing. The way that it's awesomely Russian is pure genius. Our hero pseudo-cop walks into the office of the mayor of Moscow - "Mayor Boss" - who says to him, "AH--MY FAVORITE REFORMER! Where have you been, boy? --Knocking pears out of trees with your dick?!"

It's better than "Incognito." It's as good as "The Sword" (Luna Bros, not Fartvel). Please buy it!

Fixed those two. Agreed on Winter Men.

Morse's storyline and character were pretty tired, but the initial war was great shit. And as weak as it got, it's the Morse.

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