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The review of "V" reminded me of how much I've been missing "Economist vs. Idiot". Which then reminded me that I an afford to buy the magazine myself now. So thanks for costing me money Tucker Stone, you big stupid jerk....

So when my Facebook friends talk about "V" they're referring neither to Thomas Pynchon or Alan Moore.


'Cause, seriously, given the context I was hell of confused.

Lurker, I miss doing the Economist articles too, and I never planned to abandon them for this long. They'll return, although I'm not sure when exactly. Thank you for saying that. I'm not sorry you spent money on them, though, because I like to think that you stare at the Economist and think of me giving you a backrub.

mark: i'll trade you some "V" talking facebook friends for the one who keeps bugging me about playing fucking Texas hold em and "why can I has Jesus".

Mmmm. Back rubs...

You know, that Venture Bros. episode did impact the main plotline significantly in some ways:

* Sgt. Hatred got the huge shock that will finally convince him that his wife will never take him back, and thus he will have to grow up a tad;

* We discovered exactly how #21 managed to cope with #24's death (badly) and become so badass;

* Dr. Venture & Dr. Girlfriend finally made their peace, relationship-wise;

* The Monarch made an impact on the Murderous Moppets, so there might be less jokes about them trying to kill people;

* The Monarch recognised that #21 was a real human being and a valuable asset rather than just another expendable lackey - that conversation at the end was extremely intelligent;

* The post-credits thing. That might be one of the most significant moments thusfar in this year's season, especially when you examine its implications in tandem with the numerous clues left at the end of Season 3 as to who killed #24. Personally, I blame HELPeR.

"Jesus fuck, it slumped this season, there was a pretty good argument that they had jumped the shark."

I loved this entire season. I don't know what transitional season means-- for me, it was excellent throughout. Guys Walks Into An Ad Agency was excellent, the Gypsy and the Hobo was excellent, Roger's creepy party was excellent. Even the episodes that were less than excellent had moments in them that were top-notch (Don getting forced into a contract finally, say). The finale was sublime. Sublime.

I have no idea what people have been complaining about. The second episode of this season was slow, maybe; the rest was solid gold.

I haven't been reading any other reviews of it, but it really felt that after the premiere it just dove for a while there, with a good moment or two an episode just to keep it interesting. The stuff with Betty's Dad was so awful. The finale was amazing though, as good as the best stuff in s2.

Stig: wow, that seems like a bunch of Geoff Johns-ish continuity wankery to me (and almost all pretty tangential, rather than main-plotline-affecting, if you ask me). You don't have to spell out every little emotional nuance; we can pick up on this stuff through regular stories, or so I would hope. Of all that you mentioned, the scene between Monarch and 21 was probably the best, mostly because it was a good character moment. "I just don't have that kind of hate!" I liked that bit.

Eh, who knows, maybe like you said, it's setting up some stuff to come, especially with that post-credits thing. Is 24's killer even important? I always figured he was just collateral damage in the big firefight or whatever. You never know what's going to turn into a big, crazy thing on this show. Unpredictability!

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