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Gone Fishin and BoB vs Bobby Ray should have beat Oj da Juiceman and 1AM and Rising should have beat out So Far Gone

DJ Trackstar reppin it Heavy!! Good shit dude. StL stand up

No. Ceilings.

I downloaded a few of those - listened to the Ice Cube mix last night. Damn, I could do without the constant reppin' by Peter Parker, but it's pretty awesome to have all of Cube's best ryhmes in one spot. Even though I've heard most of them before (all the ones before 1994 or so, only some of the ones later), hearing them all at once was a real eye-opener as to just how potent he used to be. I say "used to be" because it's hard not to come to that conclusion based on just how heavily the mix pulls from NWA and his first four Priority albums, and everything afterwards only looks good due to some pretty aggressive cherry picking. (I say that as someone who owns a copy of War & Peace Vol. #1 - ugh.)

Tim-- check out his last album, Raw Footage. It was a return to his old strength, barring a couple joints. But yeah, that whole era where he was chilling with KoRn and all that... eh. But Raw Footage was Cube coming in like "I'm the father to half your styles and y'all need to grow up and move out."

Derek-- OJ isn't actually on the list ("Psyche") and since the list isn't the Top 16, nothing beat anything.

Trackstar's that doooooood.

This was easily the best mixtape i heard this year:


I barely downloaded any mixtapes this year, but BoB vs Bobby Ray was sooooooo super fresh.

I'm downloading the Sparkle Motion tape right now. I'm really excited by that.

David, I really can't add anything to your article because I barely listened to a thing. I want to sign up with Stones Throw for that MadLib mix series, but that's about all that really grabbed me this year.

very nice.


Gone Fishin' by The Cool Kids.

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