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Like The Economist, it really does deserve it's own post.

the holidays are here.

While I always enjoy write-ups of The Bad Girls' Club, a show I have never watched on TV (I don't know if I can get it/stealing it might be time-consuming,) by far the most on TVotW, this really did feel special. Sociological and shit.

I mean - I guess you choose sides, and they largely do read like hilarious grotesques and monsters, the women. The WIMMUn. It's like Dark Reign: The List: X-Men; but this was quite sympathetic and affecting, really.

Flornia. Flornia? Is it possible that that is actually her name, and not some bizarre stripper affectation? Of all the mind-boggling things described in this post, for some reason I find that to be the most unbelievable.

I'm sort of glad to see write-ups of this show return, but I'm also dreading the revulsion of humanity that it will provoke. Even so, it's obviously compelling, in an unbelievable, can't-look-away, train-wreck way. I don't dare ever trying to actually watch it, or I'll be hooked, like a junkie, on something obviously bad for me but impossible to quit.

Yeah, this is total train wreck watching. Reading. Whatever. I cannot believe these people have a tv show.

Are there any more economist vs idiot posts coming? I missed those. It'd make me feel better to read this if I read something "smart" too.

Man, I know I'm late reading this, but if you stopped doing these forever I'd lock myself in the bathroom and cry a little.

Natalie was the flyiest bitch in that house. She was the same all day everyday,a real bitch! And she got everything popn,she's the real bad girl.

Kendra was the prettiest girl in the house but she was dry didnt have enough flavor until, of course, she teamed up with Natalie.

Flo was pretty to but way too emotional for me. I dont think she was a bad girl just your tipical tomboy chick.

Kate was a flyy bitch she Rocks!

All the other girls were extra and just added to the enterteinment of the girls above..lol

oh wait! Annie she was a real bad girl. She played the innocent, geeky role the whole time but was sooo sneaky, thats a real bad girl..
Bad Girls Neva get caught!

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