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Who's the girl in the third picture with the glasses? That's actually kind of a cute picture of her.

Question: Will "Jersey Shore" make this show redundant?

That's Annie in the glasses. She's also the girl on the phone in the first picture.

I thought something similar when I heard about Jersey Shore, but I haven't seen it. I kind of doubt it though--as fucked up as the Bad Girls Club gets, they're still basically human beings, whereas that original Jersey Shore special that MTV modeled this new thing after--those guys barely fit the bill. They're subhuman trash, and unless the season ends with all of them getting executed, I think Bad Girls has the lead.

The goal with Bad Girls Club is for them to fight, get drunk, say stupid shit, exploit themselves. The goal with Jersey Shore seems to be all-of-the-above, plus the opportunity to broadcast an actual gang rape.

I could be dead wrong, but it's not something I plan to remedy by experimentation.

God DAMN, is that what happens when you get a ton of plastic surgery, you turn into the woman that Seinfeld dated where bad lighting turns you into a cowboy boot?

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