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That's funny, Wooster never used to talk in ALL-CAPS, or swear, before he started hanging around with you. I call shenanigans.

Also: the new Sacco? Totally dope.

Dark Ms Marvel also flew right past some guy who was seconds from leaping off a building to his death and an armed robbery in progress on her way to sip tea with Dark Wolverine.

It's kind of amazing to me how Camuncoli's artwork completely transforms Daken from a character I couldn't possibly give a fuck less for to someone I will pay actual money to read about.

PS I dig Advanced Common Sense.

red+green=brown if i remember the color wheel. what's the point of a brown lantern? no, don't answer that.

It looks like that Batman artist photo referenced the girl from ComicVine:


"the changing of Guy Gardner from a Green Lantern to a Red & Green Lantern-"
Just in time for xmas!

So you imagine a world where Wooster&Jeeves read comics. Then you imagine that instead of Hugh Laurie Wooster is played by someone from the "Bad Girls Club". There is something broken deep in your brain meats you know?

Interesting twist on Bertie & Jeeves. I liked that review.

So, here's a question - why do you read this stuff? You could just not read it and spare yourself the aneurysm. It just seems to me you've been doing these reviews long enough to know these books don't hold any appeal for you and aren't going to do anything drastically different next month in that regard.

On the other hand, I started reading all the Hellboy/ BPRD comics from the beginning due to one of your recommendations and they're quite good. (I just felt like giving a mixed message here.)

Why would you read this stuff Tucker? Kevin Huzeniga.

BTW - I'm not trying to be snarky, it was just a thought. Why read bad stuff only to comment afterwards "wow, that was as bad as I thought." Do you enjoy bad comics the way some people enjoy bad movies?

It's been implied here and elsewhere that Tucker's one of those dudes that just like...HAS to read Batman stuff no matter how terrible it is 'cause it's like shooting horse for him. Like, "Red Robin" is the equivalent to that guy of a dirty needle that he uses anyway 'cause he needs that good shit. He like, he like a junkhead, all fucked up on Batman comics and real, actual heroin.

When I first met Tucker, he'd gone seven days without reading any Batman at all. He was thin, shivering, and the whites of his eyes were entirely red.

Then he threw up on my shoes and said, "three nine nine man just three nine nine that's all i need for batgirl num'r one."

There was the time I walked in on Tucker after he'd bought a full collection of Knightfall... I didn't know a human body could turn that color and still be alive.

Tucker once literally killed a man for a Batman comic, and that man was me!!!!!

I am sooooo fucking sick of DC coasting on Joe Sacco's coattails. What's next? "Safe Area Bludhaven"? God, I wish I knew how to insert an umlaut.

Heyyyyyyyy, Merry Christmas everybody. Jews too. Not the Sufis though, fuck the Sufis. And fuck the blog comment spellcheck that doesn't know what the plural of Sufi is. But they know the umlaut. That's just sad.

That is the worst digital artwork I've ever seen.

That Christ joke is one for the annals.

I object to the misuse of Bertie and Jeeves, though. Have you read any P.G. Wodehouse? He's about the funniest man in the world.

Um, it was ULTIMATE Wooster and Jeeves, obv.

I once caught Tucker out back of a comic store, sucking cock for a page ripped out of Batman Confidential. Of course, now somebody gave him a job selling the things, which is like hiring Bubbles to guard the evidence locker. What were they thinking?

Uh, could we stop with the snark, and answer Kenny's question honestly? What's the point of this column anymore? If there's anything new Tucker has to say at this point, I don't see it here. It's really pulling the wings off flies territory, since even if he sincerely desired superhero comics to improve, he's too cynical and ashamed of himself to actually allow himself to like them.

Hell, this shtick got tired six to eight months ago, I only pop in here in the hopes of seeing a creator finally freak and let Stone have it with both barrels, and watch Tucker pussy out next time he reviews the guy's work and say how good it is "for its genre", showing his snark is pretty much ineffective once he realizes human beings with real feelings make and read this stuff.

Dan Coyle I, the point of this column is to upset moist vaginas, such as yourself, so that you'll come here and drool out hilarious, retarded nonsense in a ploy to show the world that moist vaginas, such as yourself, do not have a sense of humor and, by displaying said lack of humor, you expose yourself as the absolute worst kind of comic book reader.


Merry Christmas, everybody!

Stones black cynicism will eventually falter before the boundless power of the Human Heart.

Wait, I guess that makes him a Black Lantern, never thought of that

Try puking on him Coyle

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