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What about "Blood on the Sheets?"

"I've got a date ... with comics!!!!"

Perhaps not.

Try the Hellboy short story collections, like The Chained Coffin and Other Stories and The Right Hand of Doom.

This is awesome. Bonus points for the Todd Solondz reference.


This was one of the most creative and engaging reviews I've ever read about anything from anyone ever. This is also why I never want to be a writer - I can't compete with something like this, it's just *too* good.

I think with comic series and finding ones we like, most comic fans date casually (to use your excellent analogy). We read an issue or two, kinda like it, and then keep up with it more out of not hating it than actually loving it. That's how I used to approach comic reading, anyway, for the first, I dunno, 10 years or so.

Now, I try to stick to books by creators who usually write stuff I greatly enjoy. It's not until I read this article did I think - what's truly grabbed me in the past few years? Ganges, Achewood, Dash Shaw's Body World, Sinfest, and Acme Novelty Library come to mind.

I dunno - I think what you're looking for, a lot of us take for granted. Like how much I love the books done by Kevin Huizenga (Ganges). When he has new material out, I drop everything and run as fast as I can to go buy it. There's not much I feel *that* passionately about. And until I read this review, that never really occurred to me.

I say stick with The Sword while you explore other books. Nothing's saying you have to be monogamous with comics, you know! ^_^

"Comix Books"? "Nina Stone vs The Comix"?

Nah, you gotta give a title that goes with the theme of online dating or finding a date. Maybe "Playing the Field" or something? I'm sure someone more creative can help you.

Anyway, very entertaining column.

But...what about "Beasts of Burden"?


This isn't the only column she's doing. Maybe she'll get to Beasts of Burden later.

I loved everything about this review! Where's the kudos button? I want to press it!

The best comic book you will ever read is the one you never open.

Only if it has Nina's Cinderella dating form as the cover.

Wow, it seriously took me until now to go "Oh! That's what Romancing the Stone means!"

This was wonderful! More!

I dunno, I kind of love "Romancing the Stone." It works on so many levels! Like... two.

I vote "Romancing the Stone" too, because of Bill's persuasive powers and because it sets you up for the later rejection of the comic with a hilarious "Jewel of Denial" post.

Also, this was pretty great.

Oh wow.... Tim's "Jewel of Denial" joke totally sold me! I'm all in for "Romancing the Stone!"

"Romancing the Stone" made me laugh, but I love that movie. My favorite part is when they meet the guy who's a big Joan Wilder fan.

Jewel of Denial? I hate to reward a pun, but that's brilliant.

The Sword is most best. I'm kinda bummed you're not going with the "whore" thing in the title, but I guess it does have kinda pejorative connotations, and, hey, not everyone is Italian.

Yeah, Okay, that was fucking awesome.

If you're not a virgin anymore, how about Romancing The Bone? Heh.

"Nina Stone vs The Comix Boox!"

Speed Hating!

That was fun. I like how you're making a whole game out of comics-reading. No matter who.. I mean, which one you end up sticking with, it'll be entertaining for us to read.

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