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Man, I've never even seen Glee but a lot of people in my age group sure seem to love it. It's really that bad?

Glee is awful for all the reasons you listed, but my wife *loves* it, so I watch it with her because it makes her happy. Does this make me a bad person?

I *really* want to watch the Mad Max trilogy again.... The Road Warrior is such an amazing sequel.

Aw, I was hoping to see the Sons of Anarchy finale reviewed.

Glee's songs are actually decent, but the story is just so bad. It's just so cliche.

Glee is Election made by people who never saw Election. Also they think Kelly Clarkson is like, an actual artist.

Wait a minute. No Kelly Clarkson bashing. I swear to God I will write a couple thousands words about why My December is an overlooked masterpiece.

That's really what pisses me off about Dollhouse. Joss sells out for most of the first season, and some of the second season, and the moment they announce cancellation, it gets so effin' good that you hate the cancellation. The last two episodes of Dollhouse is really the kind of Whedonesque quality (minus some of the humor) that's been missing from the rest of the show.

Funny, the advertising campaign for Glee led me to believe it was some sort of parody. Not that I'd know, having never watched it. Looks like I did the right thing, for once.

PS: Maybe this will mean Joss going back to web programming. More Dr. Horrible, please


I'm pretty sure Ryan Murphy was doing Election before Election came out, on a show called Popular. And a young gay place kicker teaching his football team to dance to "Single Ladies" in order to score the winning TD has SO been done before.

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