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My friend really enjoys Marduk, and I've actually really dug what I've heard by them, but man...their name is way too close to Marmaduke for me to take them all that seriously.

Stoner metal hit kind of a renaissance this decade, I think. Fu Manchu, Electric Wizard, Boris, Om, Mastodon...apart from the early '90s there's never been a better time to like metal AND weed.

I need more black metal; the only black metal album I have is "Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire and Demise" by Emperor and I actually like it quite a bit. What else would you recommend for someone starting off?

Get that Pyha album. Holy shit is it good. Really, like one of my favorite albums ever. I can't believe how he makes those sounds.

The other black metal up there is recommended too (that'd be Drudkh, Xasthur, Funeral Mist.) Nachtmystium is great, and kind of more rock friendly. If you're into ambient, Striborg is good through.

Or go to the Aquarius record site, enter Black Metal in the search, and then listen to some samples.

This is a solid list, and I'm happy to see someone trying to turn people on to Aquarius Records, but, uh, where the hell is Velvet Cacoon?? I know all the crap surrounding the band's image can get in the way of enjoying the music but this list looks incomplete without "Genevieve".

And speaking of the A's of metal, you ever give Akitsa a listen? A Gallhammer fan would love them.

Hey Mike. As I said, I'm kind of a poseur; the reason Velvet Cacoon isn't on here is that I've never heard them (or even heard of them.) I'll try to give them a listen though.

Akitsa sounds vaguely familiar...but again, I'm not familiar with them. I will try to check them out....

This was really fun to read.

Who are you and what did you do with the real Noah Berlatsky?

Maybe you should just read my music pieces, Brian?

Here's a longer review of that Marduk album.

I've read your music pieces before. Usually, I like them even less than the Wonder Woman essays.

Still... This one was fun.

Ah well. Can't please all the people ever I guess.

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