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I think I'll check this out. I don't think I'll be able to guess my reaction to it, and that interests me.

Nice, Stone. You killed it.

The fact that "this charming mixtape" got mentioned As one if the best "albums" of 2009, clearly shows that Theophilus is one hell of an artist, can't wait to hear the actuall album, I guess u guys consider his mixtape to be far superior to anyone else and put it in the album category???

This is a mixtape you JERKOFF.. why is it in the album catergory?! it must be good to get a review

Come here you fucking mouth-breathers, I want to tongue kiss you.

Yeah JIZZGUY, why is a MIXED TAPE in a RECORD review? You must have eaten a lot of HAM to get your MIND so clogged with HAM.

Your inclusion of a mix tape on the album list ruined my Christmas.

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