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"The results have a sliiiightly more populist bent than they typically do"

A)No they don't

B)Don't apologize for it, you silly bitch! One of the things I think is interesting about this site is that the music criticism portion stands up for the populist bent more than most that I've seen.

Hey, cool, I done some music writin'! That's four of my top five songs there, and it looks like the most well known (populist?) of them is the one to crack the top 25. But I dug a lot of the other stuff here, especially Metric, Fires of Rome, Bibio, Clipse, Future of the Left, Buck 65, M. Ward, and Ou Est Le Swimming Pool. That's a lot of good stuff, and with maybe one exception, all stuff I wouldn't have heard without being involved in this thing, so that's pretty awesome.

Oh wait, make that two of my top five that are in the top 25. The other one is probably well known as well though...

You know how many of the songs on my initial list made it onto the final 50?

One of them.

Which means, I strongly suspect, that no one else voted for any of the songs I selected.

So am I bitter? Hell, yeah, I'm bitter.

Damn democracy.

Well, Noah, if you didn't listen to that terrible metal all the time, you wouldn't have that problem. But hey, you got your own list to talk about the top nonsensically screaming doomsayers of the year, so why complain?

I kid, of course. I know I voted for the Amerie song that was on the list of nominees, and I expect it'll show up in the top 25; was that one you voted for? I didn't like the Maxwell or Mariah Carey ones though, so never mind about those.

Maxwell was me! (and, full disclosure, I didn't even end up voting for it.)

A couple of Noah's nominees got some votes here and there. You guys will get to take a look at it when I send out the Excel sheet next week. It's pretty interesting.

Yeah, I hate to tell your wife, Matthew, but though I gave it a try, I really don't like Maxwell at all. I picked an Amerie too, but I think a couple of folks did that.

The Mariah Carey was me, though. Best damn album of the year.

Neat-o mix.

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