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Yeah, DC Comics really has screwed themselves up, haven't they? I mean, it's one thing to say that Marvel is just better, but really, they're as bad. But at least Marvel isn't trying to make bad decisions.

Anyway, what did you think about Joe the Barbarian, overall? Pretty slow, which is weird for a Morrison comic. I did enjoy Morrison letting Murphy do most of the talking, though.

It's always funny when you criticize the politics of the writer instead of the writing or the overall comic itself. "Oh Willingham, i wish i could focus on this comic book but instead i just see your message-board comments swimming before my eyes in a miasma of Mallard Fillmore quotes."

Yeah, but Marvel hasn't met a decision it didn't like in almost a decade.

I mean, they just do whatever they think of.

"Be nice if it wasn't on the Jay Leno of super-hero characters."

Why Tucka Stone that was downright topical I do declare.

"Nobody bought Young Liars except for Internet Psychos"



...fair enough...

do it for Johnny.

So who's Conan? Deadpool, maybe?

Holy shit, the Sentry is teaming up with Bible characters now? That's just stupid enough to make me kinda want to check it out. Dammit.

That'll only encourage them, Matthew.

End to new Thunderbolts cracked me up, just kind of came out of nowhere, lots of dirty looks on the bus.

Also as bad as Benson is, at least Nguyen stuck around until Dini comes back from whatever the fuck he's doing that necessitates a total of 5 fill in issues in as many months and pumped out great as usual art.

Giuseppe Camuncoli actually makes me want to buy a Daniel Way comic, he must be stopped.

Sean Murphy's Titans work is pretty cool-- has any of that slipped out online? He's gotten better since then, sure, but it was still too bad when DC just sat on it, considering. I never saw any of it colored, but it was, like, just all this energetic superhero stuff. Fun.

I don't know, I'd kind of rather see Sean Murphy do something creative and interesting with Grant Morrison then like...X-Force or something, you know?

I've been nervously eyeing "not simple" for like a week and a half now, thinking, "do I want to read that? I'm going to regret it if I read that, aren't I?"

Thank you for saving me. I can throw it out in good conscience, now.

@Chris - Why can't he do both?

Well, I assume he has only so much time and energy.

My point is, given the choice...I would rather see him on something like this.

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