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This East African country RWAA sounds exciting and I can't wait to hear more about it! (Reminds me of GWAR!)

Oh how I've missed reading about depressing things from around the world...

Now it says Rwanda what's up with that

i fixed it! i thought that's what you wanted! why cant you tell me what you want! i want to give you what you want!

So, how weird does it feel to put more thought and effort into reviewing The Economist than those technocratic ass-clowns who produce it put into it? Some relative keeps giving me a gift subscription, and I'm stockpiling them for the post-apocalypse Great Toilet Paper Shortage.

I want more reviews of American comic books with muscular grown-ups in tights who pose around while waiting to fight crime.

My favorite feature is back! Awesome! I feared you gave up on the Economist.... I'm going to go back to reading your wrap-ups before I even get my copy. I still don't know how you recap the entire magazine that fast! ^_^

Yeah, that shit about the carp is pretty nuts, isn't it? We'll have another weird story next week to eclipse it, I'm sure. And I notice Noah didn't get an invitation; he must be on your shit list now, the fucker.

Glad to see the Econ back; I'm already overwhelmed trying to process it.

I promised to send him flowers and then I didn't send him flowers, and now he's leaving me for the carp.

The carp! Oh...oh god...no! I'll send them special delivery, Tucker! Please, just...aaaaaaagggh!

My favorite segment! Love it, love it!

Very happy this segment has returned.
Many thanks.

This is great but how long does it take to do this?

And when are we going to hear about last night's episode of Bad Girls Club?

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