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We have told you that Cinderella is just "Fables lite". The really exciting stuff is in the main comic.

I enjoy Fables a lot. Being one of those wait-for-the-collection people, I haven't seen Cinderella yet. However, based on the strength of your enthusiasm last week, I bought and read vol. 1 of The Sword.

I find the Luna Bros. art really flat and distancing, so I usually avoid their stuff. Felt it here, too, but the story was so good that often I even got into the art. I didn't like the historical backstory bit as much as you did, but I agree that the whole thing flowed nicely, was paced and plotted very well. I think the second volume is probably somewhere on my horizon. So thanks for the tip ...

Good news/bad news: The Sword never cools off. It's difficult, but I'm trying to wait for volume 4 before I go back and read everything again from the beginning. The guys are hugely talented

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