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Now that's some good negativity. Well, that might be too strong. A good negative review that points out what didn't work for you. I guess it's the guy you would call your girlfriend about and say, hey, maybe some girls would like him, but god, I thought he was annoying. Now I too am ready to see what's next.

You know, if you keep blowing him off, The Sword might find someone else. The Sword is a catch. He has a good job and can cook.

this is the dumbest review i ever read
just because you don't understand something or accept the premise doesn't mean it sucks

go read twilight and wish that some glittery retard will sweep you away


Interesting comment, Rofk, 6 months after the fact.
Nevertheless, as my review communicates, it's not that I didn't understand it, it's just that I didn't dig it. Not for me. Which if you know anything about my column or me, is what the point of this column is. A chick who didn't grow up with comics, "dating" several until she finds a series she'd like to have a long term relationship with. "Romancing The Stone." Get it?
(It's supposed to be fun - don't take it so hard!)
And by the way, as most know, I hate the Twilight series.

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