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This is like that scene in Fierce Creatures where Jamie Lee Curtis gets caught in the locker room with the monkey and has a moment of clarity, then later she thinks she sees the same monkey and it turns out it's a robot and she gets really mad.

That was fantastic

The Sword is completely metal and really engaging. Try reading The Sword while listening to The Sword for an incredibly Swordy experience!

I don't understand why you're so embarrassed to like a comic. Go read the rest already!

The Sword only gets better. You have my word as a gentleman.

Well, damn, I think you convinced me. I'll have to give it a look.

I'm glad you found something you enjoyed so much! This is essentially what it's all about - finding books that strike a chord with you. The feeling you just described is the same I get when re-reading Achewood for the millionth time or reading an Alan Moore comic. It's just about having fun! ^_^

The Sword is great, also when I was sharing a house with some people I lent a friend my copies of their preceding series "Girls" before going to bed.

Next morning we were unable to get him up as he had stayed up all night reading them.

Should be more comics like them.

These stills from Romancing the Stone are horrifying.

Get ready. I got a digi copy of the whole movie for however long she plans to keep this one running.

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