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You left out the bit of next-week-foreshadowing where Kate talks to her boyfriend on the phone and he expresses doubts about the future of their relationship.

As unbecoming as Kate's sudden utilitaristic switch of loyalties is, I personally must say it's becoming increasingly difficult to side with Amber (as you're clearly meant to do), due to her whole barely-subdued-crazy-person thing, but that may also be something they're seeding for future episodes. At this point I'm pretty much ready for the "Team Annie" t-shirts, myself.

This time the album I listened to while reading the Bad Girls Club analysis was "California" by Mr. Bungle.

Truly, a terrifying experience.

I tried watching 24 this season, and while the first three hours were good, I kind of lost interest once the whole undercover thing started. It might end up being all right, but having to suffer through the "Starbuck gets abused" plot isn't really worth it.

The funniest part was watching Kate dance after she poured the orange juice on Annie. She doesn't know how to dance, and it was hilarious how her unbeWEAVEably blond hair was bobbing up and down.

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