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huh, I didn't know Paul Levitz resigned. Go figure.

Is there any offline comics criticism anymore?

Tucker, thanks for the links. I've been lazy lately with tracking this stuff down.

- Sharif

So THAT's Jog's real name? Good a name as any.

Mr. Stone, I don't really want to do this because, as you know, I love you. But I have to do this:


All good, you beat me to it. I saw it too. Nina refuses to acknowledge, but that's her job.

I don't get it.

There's a certain irony in criticising criticism. But I'm becomming less and less interested in criticism because I'm more fascinated with the reviews on Amazon. (One of my favorites on there are the one star reviews of the diary of Anne Frank.) That being said, this was well written, but there's a degree of what's the point for me. A lot of this stuff is the same names giving each other a handjob, but that's to be expected. But who's really reading that much comic criticism anyway? And what are we doing with it?Sometimes I feel like it's mostly guys like me - bored white collar types who are trying to kill a few minutes at work. Maybe I'm just too jaded anymore, because I feel like I see the same things being said over and over and nothing seems to change. The corporate, work for hire stuff is still dying a slow death and the personal works from people who feel compelled to create are still the best.

Damn good choices here; I love how much great criticism I can experience these days.

And not to get all circle-jerky, like Kenny is talking about, but if I was throwing out nominations, I would point out Jog and Tucker's back and forth series on every goddamn one of the DC/Humanoids books, Tucker's ultra-completist look at Brian Azzarello's career, Noah's posts on superhero and gender and his series on Marston's Wonder Woman, some of Jason Thompson's manga articles for Io9 and Comixology, and probably plenty of other stuff, even if I can't come up with any more off the top of my head right now. The comics internet is a cool place.

So Tucker's real name is Pat Ford?

"he brings an informed perspective tangled up in what seems to me to be a group of specific hopes and ideals. Anything he has to say is worth paying attention to."

Thanks! (Though I wonder what you think my hopes and ideals are...)

And no, I was not annoyed to link here. Hell, I'm sure you get a lot more readers than I do.

Matt, you know how I feel - you're the best out there. But yeah, you have a good list there, too. What I was addressing last night (from my iPhone while falling asleep) is when a group of critics gets together and calls each others' critical pieces the best out there, it's kinda like - yeah, that's about what I expected.

I was thinking about this more this morning, and I guess my biggest problem is in trying to figure out what all this criticism is leading to. One of my best friends keeps talking about how comics *needs* academic-level criticism to begin to be taken as a serious art form. OK, I can get that, but I don't think we're there yet. I think it's going to take a better integration of schools like Ohio State and it's Cartoon Library and Museum with the criticism out there.

But, like, I don't think the creators out there are paying attention. Anecdotally speaking, I've begun working on my own video game. I'm not reading any video game blogs looking for worthwhile video game criticism, I'm just making it according to what I like. My goal is for my friends to like it, too. Oddly enough, when I talked to Kevin Huizenga the one time I met him, he said he had the same approach to his comics. He just does what interests him and doesn't bother reading comics criticism.

I dunno, maybe I need to form some of these ideas into actual thought out talking points rather than my stream of conscious ramblings....

Shut the fuck up, Kenny.

"I'm not reading any video game blogs looking for worthwhile video game criticism"

You might have missed http://kafkaskoffee.com/junk/Platform.html then.

What engine are you using for your game? Unreal, Unity, Torque, etc? AGS? Rockpapershotgun's been running an interesting series where they've been making their own game using Unity, with zero prior game-making experience. All of the engines becoming publicly available at the end of the last year was interesting, a very interesting development.

Also: thanks. Also: Jog's King Smurf thing was robbed!

I don't think comic criticism blogs should be allowed to communicate with one another

It's just like all cultures of critique for all artistic media; the criticism might be thought provoking or well-read or structured or offering a new perspective on old material

Once the circle of critics passes a certain point it will be large enough to enclose and invariably devolves into a parallel, parasitic secondary forum besides/below the forum of the medium itself. And that is horrible

Speaking of what's important in the world, how about that Haiti, huh

Sean, I'm not trying to be a jerk. I'm just trying to open up a discussion about what the role of on-line comic criticism is. I mean, if I thought it was worthless, I wouldn't bother coming here or reading any of this.

Abhay, I'm actually making my own engine from scratch. Originally, I was going to clone the Legend of Zelda, but then I got to thinking about how the movement of sprites across the screen is represented in code and I'm starting to diverge a lot from that original plan. To tell the truth, it began as an exercise to strengthen my C# skills, but it's really grown into its own thing. What's weird to me is how much I'm starting to appreciate different approaches to literature as a result. Like, I know both you and Tucker are fans of Pynchon, but I was never really into him until I began working on this and thinking - what can I twist in my project? So, now I'm reading Gravity's Rainbow just looking for ways Pynchon went off the beaten path and did different things. I probably wouldn't have given any of this a second thought had I not been reading writing from you, Tucker, Matt, etc.

But thanks for the link, Abhay! I appreciate it because I'm flying completely blind on this.

Anyway, I'm not trying to imply anyone is wasting their time writing comics criticism, I'm just asking where it's going and what is the role going forward.

OK, so, truth be told, I *just* clicked on Abhay's link. I thought it was going to lead to the Rockpapershotgun thing. Instead it's a game and it's pretty abstract. My game is hopefully going to be a little less abstract, but that's if I can ever get it working! ^_^

"I'm actually making my own engine from scratch"

Wow-- I only know enough to be stupid, but that sounds pretty impressive. I don't know if this will "ruin the fun" for you (and sorry if it does) but you may want to check out 2dboy's rapid prototyping framework (http://2dboy.com/2009/05/27/rapid-prototyping-framework/)-- they did that game World of Goo? I don't know what a rapid prototyping framework is, exactly-- but maybe it's something helpful...? Good luck. Also: comic books.

"Sometimes I feel like it's mostly guys like me - bored white collar types who are trying to kill a few minutes at work."

You feel like that because that is exactly what it is.

Jesus it's just words on the screen. Either you think it's worth reading or you don't. It's not that complicated.

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