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Reading this list just highlights how out of touch with music I was in the 09. My highlight of the year was hearing Talib Kweli and Hi Tech working together again (Cincinnati for the win!). Other than the DOOM, Felt, and Rae albums, I don't think I have anything from 09 on my iPod. Oh well...hopefully I'll be hip again in the 10.

Oh man...not Dirty Projectors. Say it ain't so.

And Amerie was the one who got killed by vote splitting. That makes me sad.

I really liked your Sleigh Bells review, Tim.

9/12 people voted for Stillness is the Move. I was pretty surprised it hit #1. I was betting on 1901. I'm pretty happy about it, though--it was my #1.

Amerie's the one big omission, IMO. She ended up coming in at #64, #77, and #121.

No one else voted for Yo La Tengo? Be honest - the fact that it was last in the alphabetical listen, did you just not get to it? It's OK if you did, just askin'.

And I am sort of mortified that Das Racist made the list - I honestly thought its inclusion in the initial list of MP3s was a joke. I just . . . wow. That's some terrible, terrible music, and if you voted for it you should be ashamed. Ashamed!

8 out of 12 people voted for it! And it was my #4!

YLT, on the other hand, ended up as the third highest song to only get two votes--behind Zero and Laughing With.

I will scream at people as well.






Kenny: Oh man, I am ridiculously unhip; I'd never heard of most of the stuff on this list, but after listening to it, I dug a ton of it. Passion Pit! Dirty Projectors! Das Racist! Crystal Antlers! Sleigh Bells! Who the hell are these people! Who cares, they make some awesome music. Here's to broadening horizons, amirite?

I actually really dug Stillness is the Move, and the Das Racist is silly, but man is it one catchy song. I regret nothing.

Actually, looking at the breakdown, I guess I didn't vote for Stillness is the Move, so I do regret that, although obviously it didn't make much of a difference. And I quite liked Amerie's Tell Me U Love Me, so it's too bad it didn't make it. Them's the breaks. The other one that I voted for that didn't make it was Basement Jaxx's "Raindrops", which was pretty cool. Like I said, lots of good music here.

Matthew, I'm a Certified Rock Critic (I have a little button) and I hadn't heard most of the stuff on the list. There's just infinite music; can't hear everything.

Man, that Grizzly Bear review is hysterical. And so is the Sunny Day in Glasgow review. Some great little write ups here.

Tim is so wrong about Outkast though. Idlewild is probably the most underrated album of the decade, damn it. Nobody gives that album enough love.

I usually LOVE Basement Jaxx, but Raindrops totally left me unmoved, oddly enough. I have a copy of Scars but it seems kind of dry in a way that the somewhat patchy Crazy Itch Radio didn't.

I wrote the Popmatters review for the Idlewild soundtrack, and remember thinking that it was about half good and half terrible - and that the good parts were Big Boi's doing, and the bad parts were Andre's attempts at trying to be Funkadelic. Lackluster on balance.

You are so, so wrong. So wrong.

I didn't know you wrote for Popmatters. I like that site.

Yeah, NoahB, wrong as fuck. Idlewild is a superb album and one of the most grossly misunderstood and severely underrated works in recent history.

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