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I never did see "Convoy."
Now I want to.

Mr. Tim Hamilton

"Convoy" has a wicked sheriff chasing proud, noble truckers. I've never actually managed to watch more then the first and last twenty minutes of it. Still the climax involves a National Guard unit and a big rig. And thats pretty cool...

Every week you make me think about the comics I read in a different way.

Naruto has never tickled my fancy. If you need hella charts and graphs just to explain what one character is doing in a fight you kind of suck at visual storytelling. Just fax me the script, for all I want to look at that crap.

Thanks for making me laugh, making me think, taking on sacred cows and for being The Comics Journal of internet comics bloggers, Tucker. Somebody's gotta do it.

Yeah Tucker, you complete us.

Or some other crappy line from Jerry Maguire.

I'm gonna channel my inner Rahm Emanuel and say the guy reviewing Art Adams on this page is retarded.

I thought the art in Ult X was pretty amazing. That said, the whole thing DID stink of fear.

Noir imprint... yeesh. Do they even know what Noir is? As opposed to ripping off eg Frank Miller, with better art?

Bendis... It's taken far too long but now at least the majority of that "split in half Internet" of his can see that the (Emperor) writer has no (clothes) cliff notes.

Er...I wonder...does the permalink for this post show the original title?

I think this is the first time an actual pro has been offended by something in the Factual.

This day shall be an anniversary!

Tim: it's not that good.
Mario/Lugh: Thanks? Yes. Thanks!
Jacob: Yes, original title.
Matt: Nice work on P-Max.
Zack: Yes.
Jonathan: Nah, some of the Noir stuff was nice. Odd comics.
Chris: Had to happen eventually.

Your review of The Boys #39 is 39 times better than The Boys #39.

Mr T you have dispelled the clouds that hid my judgement in darkness

A retarded childrens comianga is not good literature? Non sequiteur

Has the BS fight between the Uchiha brothers been shat out in the US yet? if so, ha.

and oh god does it continue to get worse. just wait till Sasuke vs Danzo

god what the fuck happened to this manga?, used to be good.

also Great Ten review is the best ever.

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