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So short? :(

Great shit though, that Hawkeye stuff made me laugh so hard it echoed down the hall.

I like the way Steve Roger's furrowed brow appears to be trying to escape from his face so it can crawl across the panel, wrap itself around Hawkeye, and pop his head like a zit.

Go Steve Roger's furrowed brow! We are with you in spirit!

I guess I'm in for the long haul with Bart Simpson comics. I think this is the most consecutive issues of a book I've bought in years.

That GL spread is by Ivan Reis?

That's actually...kinda cool. Not gonna make me pick up the book, but it's nice.

Wait a gol-durned minute: there is a comic book with Carol Lay, Sergio Aragones and Gilbert Hernandez? No one told me this. Someone should have told me this.

Also: Maid in Manhattan: worth watching for three minutes of absolutely awesome Chris Eigeman action.

That Gilbert story is worth checking out. It's pretty fucking weird.

Maid in Manhattan: also worth watching for the short Jewish girl who J.Lo cuts in front of in line at the bagel cart. That chick is banging.

You are bad person. You have made spousal abuse hilarious.

I am so sick of New Avengers. That has got to be the most painful comic book I read. I have never seen something that squeezes so hard to milk the tit of hero worship.

You are really very impressed by the words "Hobo cillin'"

Though I guess I would be too

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