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Thank you.

'So there. There's some credit, you boring piece of shit.'

Written by somebody, probably a white guy


Anyway, I think they brought Bruce back too soon. I don't really care so much about establishing Dick as Batman (I find Dick Grayson to be utterly dull), but by bringing Bruce back so soon, the book seems to be stuck in a transition state. First Bruce leaves and Dick comes in, now Bruce is coming back.

Anyway, it's solid stuff, and much better than the rest of this group here, but I'm a little disappointed.

BatRob #7 made me think Morrison would rather be writing a Knight and Squire series. I'd probably rather read that than more Dick Grayson stories, also.

I'd buy all these for a dollar.

Man, Reborn #6 sounds awesome!

Ha ha, that James Robinson is a total bastard.

wait so Benes is better than Morrison is what you're saying?

I thought the new Detective was flashback story that took place a bit after where the last issue started off.

Basing this on the fact that both JH3 and Jock draw Bats with the yellow oval symbol.

ha, Reborn bit completely killed me.

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