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"Make a prediction in the comments section about a revelation that will happen this season."

I predict that the smoke monster is actually the angel of death (or at least AN angel of death), and Jacob is the (entirely human) biblical Jacob. I think that's a sufficiently significant prediction, but it won't definitively be proven true or false until the series finale.

Eko returns.

With the description of Rich's dance, I've never wanted to actually watch this show more. That's okay, I doubt it will live up to the image in my head.

Lost prediction: Walt is Jacob's replacement.

Vincent is actually God. LOST.

LOST: Locke turns out to be that fucking ghost in the rocking chair.

The Loligor were us all along

No it's all the story of Ecco the Dolphin returning home trough the Tides of Time

It's an island you see, water

Aaron: Hasn't that already been confirmed? If so, that's cheating.

Kendra is dark skinned. Why is she denying it, as if there is something wrong with being dark skinned?

At the end everybody is sick of Lupus

You could have simply written "it's a Kate centric episode" and saved yourself a lot of time Mr. West

Those girls were all hoes. I wish Flo punched them all before she left.

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