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Why you weren't reviewing Archie comics this whole time I'll never fathom.

Fables is ugly? What, you don't like Mark Buckingham?

Also, check out that fucking guy with the "Pizza Every Tuesday" sign. He doesn't even know what anyone's talking about, he just needed a venue to tell people when he thinks there should be pizza.

And, in the final analysis, I guess I'm okay with that.

Oh my God, please change the name of this blog to "Pizza Every Tuesday".

If you ain't down for the Guardians of the Galaxy, you ain't down with shit.

Hey, i liked it fine for the 15th part of a 19 part story. It's no Azrael, but i'm going to keep up with it for now.

J-nah, that Fables art is all over the place.

C-it's Pizza Every Tuesday's face that sells it. Dude is committed to the cause.

I love how you just got overcome by disgust and apathy toward the end there.

Some want lower taxes. Other want a decent place to raise their children.

This gentleman desires Pizza Every Tuesday, and he will be Goddamned if you can tell him Thursday or Monday are more appropriate dates to consistently have pizza.

I want to see Bearclaws At Noon.

"sort of"? No, it is.

I'm so going to show up at my next local tea bag rally with a "PIZZA every Tuesday" sign.

I think you may have still been thinking about getting an erection from reading Power Girl when you read Atomic Robo. It's a good and consistently funny book. It has more than one thing in common with Mignola's work, including the decision to go with a series of minis rather than an ongoing series, but it is still very much it's own thing.

So is Azrael actually good, because it's become increasingly hard to tell whether you're serious or not.

You saw the panel, right? Azrael has shit like that all the time. It's fucking awesome.

I guess if you love Tiny Titans there's a good chance you'll also love Atomic Robo.

Have you got a problem with Talking Dinosaurs and Other Anodynes Both Adorable and Hilarious Mr T? I guess you do

Can I crosspost this on 8-Bit Theater's forum? Would you like some of Clevinger's slaves to come and cry on your comment stream? Would their tears please you?

You missed the best part

the talking Dog is RUSSIAN

"Invincible is sort of a piece of shit, but it has nice fights and kissing."

Hey, I like invincible ;_;

but anyway how much have ya read? one recent arc was essentially nothing but 70 pages of Ottley drawing two people punch the fucking shit out of each other and then one of them headbutts the other's head into pudding

if it was in black and white, Azrael would be a straight up Malibu comic.

THANK YOU for encapsulating just what is so fucking maddening about what Alex Maleev's art has become, and how photo-referenced art in general drives me bat-shit (JP Leon is the only one I can give a pass to, and even chunks of Winter Men made me itchy for just this reason)

So, I have the ORIGINAL Azrael #1, signed by none other than Joe Quesada. It is MINT, and secured in heavy-weight Mylar in my ma's attic.

That's right, a Joey Q autographed copy of DC's FLAGSHIP FUCKING CHARACTER!!!

If Quesada doesn't send Bishop to burn down my ma's house, the bidding can begin below.

Your move, Stone.

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