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i think you forgot to add about three end parenthesisesses there

I agree it was nice to have an actual ending, cause unlike Firefly I don't think there's a single person on this planet who would actually go see Dollhouse: The Movie

also Tucker, nothing on Keifer attempting to act german, or that he was wearing those goofy ass glasses (same thing that took me out of Phone Booth and Dark City)

Matthew what did you think of Echo's table-toppling tantrum? Do you think that was a response to all the "can't act" complaints?

It sure has been a great season for characters wearing expensive chunky plastic glasses, I'll give them that.

So . . . Dollhouse ended with an outline of the plots for the undoubtedly-forthcoming Dark Horse comics spin-offs?

i came to this site through jog's site, and really like the comics posts. i don't watch anything but football on tv, so normally i would just skip the tv stuff, but i do read it because you give me the opportunity to pretend I actually watch dollhouse when I speak to my lttle brother. He acts in the show (he told me once he played a character named victor, but the one time I caught it, he had a russian accent and some other dippy name. oh well. His name is enver, if that clears things up at all.

Soooo...thanks for helping me appear to be the supportive family member I purport to be while still giving me the dick jokes i came for.

oh yeah, since i am commenting, are there more advanced common sense episodes coming? those are great. anyway...

Sharif: It wasn't a bad scene, maybe one last chance for Eliza Dushku to prove that she isn't terrible, and she basically did so. She's still not a very good actress, but she's gotten better over the course of the series, and she managed a crying, screaming scene about as well as she could have. It won't win her any Emmys though.

Tim: Ha ha, that's pretty much exactly right. Actually, you could say that about most of the latter half of the second season; we'll see if Dark Horse goes for it.

Mateo: Holy crap, you're Enver Gjokaj's brother? He's just about the best actor on the show, at least in terms of being able to play multiple roles believably, and he's done uncannily spot-on imitations of at least two other members of the cast. He's somebody I'll be on the lookout for in other stuff now.

Damn, gotta love the internet. I'm kind of geeking out right now due to a two-degree connection to a show I like. It's like the time I found out Brahm Revel works on The Venture Brothers.


I just called Enver and passed along your kind words. Much appreciated, as he feels like the show was well=liked by sci-fi and whedon fans, but didn't really afford him the mainstream exposure he would have liked. He's looking for a new project right now, and I will be sure to pass along any details when I get them.

He confirmed your supposition about the series finale, that it was Whendon's way of showing his fans (such as they were) and the network exactly what and where the show would have one had Fox allowed it to run its course. I also asked him about the John Cassady directed episode, which Enver said that Cassaday was indeed a novice when it came to the process, but that he actually did quite well, due to his deep knowledge of storytelling and composition, and that he thought that John performed qutie favorably to several of the more commercial directors he's worked with. I'll see you guys next time soemthing looks weak.


So . . . he'll be seeing us a lot, then?

u r stupid gurl u need help

I'm the camera op who shot the scene on BGC4 with Flo watching Natalie getting filthy with Rogderick. I stumbled on this article while looking for news leaks regarding BGC5 and I'm absolutely astounded and flattered at your remarks. Thanks so much for the appreciation. We reality camera ops often get flak for shooting crap TV by folks working in film but it's actually very challenging to come up with composition on the fly (bc this is all unrehearsed) that is both aesthetically pleasing and serves to tell the story. Big thanks for the compliment - you really made my month.

Take care,

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