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LOST prediction: last season I incorrectly posited that Aaron was actually Sawyer and that he had witnessed his own birth and slept with his adopted mother. That fucking prick, Damon Lindeloff, and his cronies have decided to go with my brilliant, original, and horrifying story idea.

So this season, I'm going to make it simpler. Jacob's wall lists Kwon, but it's neither Sun nor Jin. It's their daughter Ji Yeon. Just like Walt and Aaron, Ji Yeon is a psychic (she knew to demand that her grandmother call Sun just when Sun was about to kill Ben). All those kids have mental powers. The island wants its Korean fetus back.

*have NOT decided to go...

I am so bitter about this that it is ruining my grammar.

but how about 24's Lethal Weapon homage?

I have no respect for the way 24 whited up the Al Leong role. That's some Racefail 101.

I thought that dude was going to tell Jack, "evly Clistmas my family watched Leetal Vepon on da teevee, it vas my favorite."

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