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Dang, Shutter Island sounds kinda like Silent Hill 2, only sapped of all supernatural tomfoolery and probably a whole lot less depressing.

With the lobotomy scar Leo was sporting for most of the movie and the intentional inconsistencies, I'm thinking that Shutter Island'll be something completely different on rewatch. I'm pretty sure the whole thing is a series of broken flashbacks and none of it was the "real" story, which I guess makes the ending more Haneke-does-Bunuel-y.

Thats not to say its good you understand.

Haneke strikes me as an odd comparison. He doesn't really do deception--if you're referring to the end of Cache, I always saw that as another audience test, a case of you-see-what-you-want. I might be misunderstanding you though. (or being hyper-defensive of my surrogate Austrian sweetheart.)

Haneke - anti-viewer genre dissection part. Not the deception part.

Ah, Funny Games. Gotcha. As much as I like the original, sometimes I wish it wasn't part of his catalog. He's got so much more pain to give!

Karan Johar movies are freaking awesome! The best of them are melodramatic and silly, but it's a fun sort of melodramatic and silly sort of like Degrassi High, but with singing and dancing. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is one of the best movies I've ever seen. Also, Shahrukh Khan and Kajol are the best movie coupling of all time. There's no other pairing that has quite the same chemistry. I haven't seen My Name is Khan yet, but it's certainly not for lack of desire. But Karan Johar's films aren't quite typical of Bollywood; Johar's films are usually a bit more risque and try to challenge a lot of conventional Indian cultural practices. Of course, being Bollywood, all that really means is he simply has a character point out that a given situation doesn't make a lot of sense. Subtlety has't really arrived in Bollywood, or India for that matter, yet.

It sounds like Scorsese's Shutter Island has all the same faults as the book. The charts at the end with all the unnecessary and boring exposition were there, too. In the book, it became pretty obvious pretty quickly DiCaprio's character was the 67th patient, but it was just so stupid, I kinda sat there hoping against hope Lehane wasn't going to go for so obvious a conclusion. He did, and it was a shame, because had he dumped the whole stupid role-playing thing, he would have had a good thriller on his hands. Oh well....

I had the same experience with The Hangover. I watched it by myself in a room full of people who told me it was comedic genius and would walk in and out of the room saying stuff like, "Has this scene happened yet? No? It's really funny," or "Ooooh, this part is hysterical!!" I think no comedy can possibly be funny with those conditions, but I still think The Hangover was stupid.

Dammit, I want to go listen to the soundtrack for Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Om Shanti Om (non-Johar, but catchy music) right now....

I thought the Hangover was funny, myself - but in a "watch this with a group of your buddies, go to the bar afterwards" sort of way. It's nonsense, sure, but I like nonsense.

Heh, Shutter Island sounds weird yet interesting. Still gonna watch it, since I'm so gay for Scorsese it's stopped being funny. Only one of his films I actually disliked was Cape Fear (original had motherfucking Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum)

also I watched Hangover in a room with buds so that might explain why I laughed so much. that or someone replaced my meds with flinstone vitamins again

Aw, man, "The Hit." "Willie? You mouth!" The mod gangsters singing "We'll Meet Again." Myron's last word: "Eh?" Just an underseen li'l gem, yeah?

Jewison is underrated. After in the Heat of the Night, he made The Thomas Crown Affair, a movie that was 100 times cooler and superior to its remake. The commentary on that DVD is great.

I also don't mind the musicals: Fiddler and Jesus Christ Superstar.

Rollerball is a near-perfect film too.

I also kinda liked Russians are coming!, and that one where Pacino played a lawyer. for the life of me I can't remember what it was called.

agree on Heat of the Night, but Steiger and Poitier were both good enough for me to overlook enough to like it

A Soldier's Story is one of my favourite movies. Jewison forever.

Let's keep this going, there's got to be some F.I.S.T. defenders out there.

Pacino's first foray into ranting like an utter lunatic is "And Justice For All", a solid two and a half star movie with a couple of three star moments.

As for F.I.S.T, Joe Esterhas's screenplay is a stand-out of 1970's cinema and Stallone's performance rivals Rocky, and might arguably be his bes... oh fuck it. This film's shite.

And Justice For All was the first movie I ever bought at a gas station.

so what 2, 3 dollars?

All of the VHS titles at the Circle K were $4.99.

What year was this, never seen gas station VHS that price

must have been when I was a kid and was only concerned with Chevron cars at the gas station

Robert Siegel wrote "The Wrestler," not Robert Smigel (although that would be fun to imagine).

Yeah, that would have been fun. I'll fix that, thanks.

saw Shutter Island. This was certainly an interesting flick. But it either had a shitty script or a shitty book. But seeing as I liked Gone Baby, Gone and Mystic River (shut up) I'm leaning on script.

I thought the Hangover was fascinating for a lot of reasons, none of which involve the humor, which was practically non-existent. It shifted the audience identity character two characters over, and it was a movie that ended with people foregoing the immediate, happy event to look at photos. And there was this total balls to the wall ad campaign which should have backfired but didn't. This was the strangest hit comedy ever.

Joe, you really don't think the chart scene in Shutter Island was supposed to be funny? My audience cracked up, and it sure sounded with-it-not-at-it to me.

I mean, that scene opened with Ben Kingsley calling Leonardo DiCaprio "baby." Know what I mean?

Oh, that's odd, my other comment didn't post. I was just saying that I think the chart thing in Shutter Island was clearly funny on purpose.

Ah, and now it DID post. Unless it was there ALL ALONG...?!?!?!

I liked Big Fan as an homage to Paul Schrader. The ending subverted the Schrader formula in a brilliant way that made it all worth it.

But admittedly, it's no Taxi Driver, or even The Wrestler.

I used to watch The heat of the night television show, until my grandfather forbade it, as the actor playing ole tibbsy got busted with a snootful of yak, or some such. I bet Carrol O'Connor felt personally betrayed, and may have had a private Archie Bunker thought or two. only the shadow knows for sure...

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