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You should do more of these.

Is the Herzog stuff on a single DVD? Or is it like a collection?

Herzog put out a six disc box set a few years ago of a huge portion of his shorts and documentaries.

It has a bit of product-for-obsessives quality to it, but it's not like there's an heir to Werner's throne on the way. No reason not to roll with the king!

Sick. Thanks.

I'm always down for some Herzog. I bought the over-sized Lynch box set on similar impulse so I'm sure I'll get something out of it.

Was the Bad Lieutenant movie with Nicholas Cage movie that Herzog made any good?

I missed that one. I think I might have missed it on purpose?

Heh. Been meaning to check it out since its Herzog and all my IRL friends are NC movie junkies so for once the best of both worlds.

Mainly curious though cause I saw a clip on youtube of Nicholas Cage yelling an iguana only he can see in the middle of a police station

I'm sure I'll check it out eventually. He apparently pulls a gun on an elderly woman, that's always worth the price of admission.

Your review of Everlasting moments is compellingly nonspecific. That is, the way you describe it makes me want to see it, without feeling like I really know what happens in the movie. I like that.

Part of my (well, our) enjoyment of Everlasting Moments came from having no real idea of what it was we were going to watch, and then having even the one minor expectation thoroughly trounced within the first 40 minutes. I hadn't read much about it going in, but what I had read built the expectation that it was a 2+ hour praise for still photography, a sedate, old school Euro flick with lots and lots of static takes and ponderous silences. If you ever check it out, i'd love to know what you think--Nina and I are really taken with it.

The thing that has stuck with me from God's Angry Man was that band. Herzog dedicates a good 3-5 minutes observing them perform, and it's so mellow and hypnotic that it just weirds me out. Like, I begin imagine myself making a living like that. And I find out I don't hate it.

This is why I should take notes when I'm watching movies, although I doubt I ever will. That band was hypnotic, and so committed! Initially, it's a "i don't like this kind of music" reaction, but the footage goes on for so long, and they just--they work so hard, and they do have melody, and they seem so proud of each other with such genuine sincerity. I didn't think about being one of them, but I'll admit I did start wondering what it would be like to have that as a legacy, to be that father looking at a son who he trained, who has become his partner, and who will eventually replace him.

It helps that they never speak, that the only relationship the viewer has is with their work, never as people. Herzog works hard to make Scott a person, to show his parents and his homelife, but he limits the band to pure work, and he barely shows them through anything but the lens in which a regular viewer of the show might experience them--you're right to call that out, and I was totally remiss in not mentioning them above.

Sweden roolz France droolz?

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