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Y was pretty great, though I recall a few clunkers in there...

Ah, good. I loved this series while it was running, and while it isn't necessarily an all-time classic, it's very solid, with some great cliffhangers, good characterizations, funny dialogue, and propulsive plotting. I like it. I hope you keep enjoying it, but I have a hunch you will.

I always meant to go back and finish this series. The problem I end up having is that since I've read the first few issues, I don't want to get the first volume of the trade. If I don't get the first one, my OCD makes it uncomfortable to get the subsequent ones. I need to Man Up and see how it continues. I remember it being more than anything else, conceptually interesting.

I'm intrigued to read more...but at the same time, I'm a little daunted by my own expectation that I should now read the whole series. And honestly, I'm suddenly wondering what's going on with Cinderella. (Is that like thinking about your ex after your most current relationship has failed?)
Also - I've got Sword 3 in my hand right now, and I know I was just saying how I'm not all that psyched about it, but now that it's here.....it just feels so right

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