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Way to render the rest of my day anti-climactic.

You had a bad week I take it?

You should do more eddas. Not just for comics. But like when reviewing "The Bad Girls Club"...

Holy. Shit.

Why do you put yourself through Tony Daniel's Batman? There is a point when the payoff of hating it is outweighed by the suffering it causes. Read the real Batman - Moon Knight!

That was terrifying. And a timely reminder that the real world is way stranger and fouler than any four colour funny book. It made me laugh but it also made me scared. Odd feeling, that, but not without value.

Anyway, I thank you politely for this wallow in comedy horror. But I still think you are way to easy on Bendis. Ten years of mediocre gibberish merits a sounder drubbing than this I think.

Off to find that Ron Perlman pic now but thanks again!

Daaaaang, if I have to wait this long for CotW again it'll totally be worth it.

Also, I'm slightly embarrassed to admit this, but I did feel a little bit of that from Siege. I think it's gotten to the point where good art in modern superhero comics has the ability to send me into joy seizures and Coipel's stuff has a really slick manga-y appearance that I'm digging, although none of this would explain why I stopped buying Blackest Night after the 1st issue/was screaming with laughter the entire time I read the 1st issue of Blackest Night.

If we could only convince those in power to get comics writing back to those crazy times when, for example, Superman gave the Superman Elimination Machine to President Richard M. Nixon just in case the Man of Steel went bonkers and needed to be executed on the spot (Action Comics #390, July, 1970; 1970, mind you...a time when there were real, meaningful riots of revolution in the air), we'd all be smiling again.


Thank god I'm older than 14 and married and set in my ways and nobody gives shit about what I read, eat, look at, think about, wear, do, touch, see, listen to, watch or fart out because Orc Stain is goddamn awesome.

Fuckin' epic. Thank you.

"it doesn't exist,"

Look in the mirror, pal.

jesus dan. what happened to you?

Metal Men digression was interesting.

Agree on Marvels Project, but sadly I don't think Angel is going to die since he's the narator and the beginning makes it seem like he's an old man. Also I'd like to add that any comic where Namor acts like a jerk is worth reading for me.

After several days of anxiously anticipating the latest edition of Comics of the Weak for Tucker's spot-on feelings about Blackest Night #8, and seeing none, I am absolutely convinced that he enjoyed the comic so much he is simply ashamed to admit it. And, I am willing to bet oodles of good Monopoly money (ORIGINAL Monopoly money, mind you, none of that Star Wars Monopoly currency) that he also found Brightest Day #0 glorious.

I didn't write up Blackest, did I? I gotta get my shit together.

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