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Somebody was horrified when they figured out that I knew what the Bad Girls Club is. I tried to explain that I knew it from these blog posts but they wouldn't listen.

Dorm life is hard enough without having the Factual make people think I'm white trash, you guys.

Wait, was it a girl who got horrified? Because if it was a guy I don't care.

No, it was a girl. It was an awful moment.

(Dorm life isn't actually that hard at all)

OK, Lost. I think that the Flash-sideways reality is actually the ending of the show. In other words the new alternate 2004 in which the plane doesn't crash is where everyone on the island in the current timeline will end up. I've had this thought in my head since the premiere, but this weeks episode made me think I might be on to something.

Dogon had to leave the mainland and live on the island so that Jacob would save his son. He doesn't ever get to see his son again, but he knows that his son is safe. Fake Locke makes a similar offer to Sayid here. I tend to think that Sayid's acceptance of said offer will lead to Nadia being alive and well, but the consequence is that they can't be together.

Everyone from the island is still tied together, but in the flash sideways, their lives have been changed by the deals they've made (or still have yet to make) on the island.

Now, this theory brings up some questions like "What's up with disappearing Desmond" and "Why is Locke alive?" but we've still got 10 eps to figure some of it out. Also, if it's contact with Jacob that eventually brings our castaways and others (no pun intended) like Dogon to the island, maybe they need to make a deal with the Man-in-black/Smoke Monster to actually make it home.

My prediction: In the last episode or two, at the end of the current island timeline, Jack will get a cut on his neck. He'll forget the island, but when he shows up on 815 again, he's still bleeding.

That's my theory.

Slowly, the candidates will become aware of their flash-sideways lives. At the end of the series, any candidate left alive will have their choice of reality to live in permanently. There are stakes that are being built in the alternate reality. Will Sayid choose a world where Nadia is alive but his love unrequited. Would Sawyer choose a world where he is still a con-man(?), but has a chance to find Juliet. Will Jack give up everything he has sacrificed in order to save his son? Which characters will have a moral problem even having the option? And what happens to the world if no one stays to replace Jacob on the island?

I base this theory off of two pop-culture works. One is the Superman comic "For The Man Who Has Everything" (also made into a Justice League Unlimited episode) and the other is the events at the end of Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series.

I love getting to see a "new" version of these characters because for me that has always been the strong point of the series. The cryptography and subsequent water cooler talk has been fun, but I enjoy seeing the way each of the characters deals with the choices they've been given. For a TV show, they have been well written and acted. Terry O'Quinn has been awesome to watch this season!

I predict that Juliet ended up going "dutch" with Jack in parallel reality and marrying herself a doctor. Of course, it being Juliet, she isn't fated to ever enter into a lasting relationship so they divorced. HOWEVER, the baby she had with Jack is IN FACT Sawyer's kid from her time in Dharmaville. Does time travel work like that? Can she carry her fetus over?

Why would anyone be horrified at knowing what the Bad Girls Club is? Wouldnt that mean she too knows what it is in order for her to be horrified about it? Regardless of how and what, thats utterly ridiculous to be "horrifed" over.

Humans.... I swear.

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