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Hey Tucker, I remember you being big on BSG so I've been expecting at least a dismissive review of Caprica. Not on when you can watch TV or just burned off of spinoffs?

also you watch Breaking Bad?

I haven't watched Caprica, but I'm not hellbent against it or anything. BSG was kind of an off thing for me, actually--i didn't watch it until after the Iraq season had aired, and that was because I just couldn't believe that something like that deserved the positive reviews it was getting. You're right about me liking it, although Nina was the one who wrote most of the reviews. Further attempts with sci-fi television shows have been a thunderous disappointment. It's just not my thing, I guess.

Sean Witzke turned me on to Breaking Bad last year. I'm all caught up, and when I get back to the city, i'm psyched to watch the premiere. That and Justified are the two shows I'm most excited about right now.

Oh I get ya. Yeah Caprica is pretty damn different from BSG, I personally like it, but I can see how a good portion of BSG fans wouldn't. Still an interesting show to say the least.

I'm really looking forward to Justified myself. Seth Bullock vs Shane Vendrell in a modern western, and I'm fairly certain a bazooka was used in the trailer.

Breaking Bad premiere aired last night and without spoiling, lets just say I'm excited as all hell about the threat that's coming.

Oh god, I watched the Apprentice, and you're right about it being kind of compelling, but the thing is so fucking long. Is it 2 hours every week? Damn. That shit drags. Good points about the whole thing, and especially Blago, who is trying to make himself look good, but comes off as a weaselly asshole; it's a glorious train wreck, and I love to hate to love watching him make a fool of himself. Maybe I'll tune in to some other episode and see more. Or I'll just read whatever Marty has to say, which will probably save me the frustration.

Yeah, it's totally an NBC move to try to maximize the value of the show by making it two hours every week. Taking it down to one hour would probably make it a much better show. The first season had one hour episodes, and it was AMAZING. Thing is, I think they actually built on their audience last season because of all the Joan Rivers stuff. I'm not sure they're going to be able to do that this time.

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