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I love that a DMX song plays diegetically in movie starring DMX.


Oh my God, THANK YOU.

Also, don't play Dante's Inferno. It's literally exactly the same as God of War but just worse in every single way.

Prince of the City is a real prince of a movie! Treat Williams' performance is a real Treat! God, how I wish I was Gene Shallit.

Best part: When Jerry Orbach knees the IAD guy from Top Gun in the balls. Where? IN THE CORNER!

did anybody see the JUMBLE this morning?

it spells Armond White any way you solve it!

Nosferatu is not boring!

But then, I sat through Fata Morgana without falling asleep, so I believe I have an inhumanly high tolerance for Herzog.

Maybe it was because it was so close to the original and I expected something more radical from him. And all the cool Kinski shit was one-upped/ripped-off by Oldman so that didn't help.

Gah, Up in the Air. What an awful, pointless movie. Did you happen to watch the deleted scene where Clooney goes through an entire day in an astronaut suit and floats up the side of a building? That was kind of genius. It's like Reitman was half awake one day and he saw a few seconds of the Big Lebowski dream sequence and said "Hey, when I make a dull shitty movie out of the first ten minutes of Fight Club, I should put this in too!"

re: evac movies

I stayed in new orleans through katrina because i just didn't want to deal with the traffic. when i got 14 feet of water, i swam to a neighboring parish. No Herzog, but the BBC wanted me on camera. told them no way, I don't believe in strangers or acquaintances knowing what i am up to.

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