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I've had a really shit week so far and these made me laugh out loud, so thank you.

Funny as always .

Great summation on us Johns fans. Though its one of those things you find awkward when some points out to you, like being told I'm unknowingly biting my nails when someone is talking to me.

Also yeah, it's painfully obvious that Malmont has never written a comic, I can tell he likes Doc and has a feel for it but he's horribly out of his league.

A thought-provoking review of a Deadpool comic? That's why I come to this site.

The guffaw inducing idea of Alfred-as-Leader smoking the batbong? Icing on the cake.

I do not now nor have I ever cared for Chaykin's art, so reading that it looks sloppy makes me think, "Just now you people are catching on?"

I was prepared to counter-attack your comments on Brightest Day #0, Tucker, which would have opened the flood gates of WAR, I assure you, but I learned yesterday that The Warlord has been canceled with #16. Now I'm just mad. Mad at the world.

1) No comics fan will ever care about sports manga, because no one wants to read comics about the people who gave them swirlies in high school.

2) The Captain Universe thing is brilliant, because that means this is also a follow-up to Spider-Man's Captain Universe run during the Acts of Vengeance, which is AWE-to-the-SOME.

Wait swirlies are a real thing?

What If Spider-Man Stayed Captain Universe was also a great What If.

No, wait, it was my first What If. It may not have been great. He did invade Iraq, though, and make a magic Captain Universe Baby.

"...where under the hand of an Ellis, the enterprise would be praised for its caustic and scathing explosion of what-you-expect, an Ennis credit would carry the cheers for the satire and criticism, under Fraction or Casey it would be labeled as a cool, hip rejection of the squares, and James Robinson's stories wouldn't be read at all, because their response is prepared in advance--Starman Meant So Much, So Much."

This is a great piece of observation and manages to really make me laugh in the process, a brilliant little bit of writing.

"a particularly goofy version of Bullseye"

Oh god wasn't it? I love it. Also I love Dillon on this book, I wonder how long Aaron debated whether or not to have him draw the Eskimo flashback. Also the last page really makes it seem like Bullseye is as giddy as a school girl

Do you know the song "I Hate Cops" by The Authorities, circa 1982? Here's the lyrics:
I hate cops
They're all fucking piggers
They got little mustaches
They squeak when they walk
I hate cops I hate cops I hate cops
I hate cops
I wasn't doin nothin wrong
I was just shooting up
Got hassled by a cop!
I hate cops I hate cops I hate cops

I played that song once in a band that only existed for one day, in November of 2000. We were called "Florida Recunt." Our set list was as follows:
"I Hate Cops"
"Let's Have A War"
"Jetboy / Jetgirl"
"I Hate Cops"

Ironically, I don't actually hate cops.

Uh, also I really liked your post, Mr. Stone. I usually do, your writing is well honed to a splendid pointiness. Ya totally nailed it wif the line about it looks like Dark Horse got a Robotech license. C'est magnifique. Zut alors! Je ne sais quoi?

PS I continue to posit that Oberon Sexton is the Riddler. Why? Because I want strangers to hate me.

That Deadpool review was inspiring. I half-take-back the thing I said about you being a soulless spiderweb golem.

"A thought-provoking review of a Deadpool comic? That's why I come to this site."

Ditto, also I have a masochistic drive to read people describe why everything I like is shitty and that I should be ashamed for liking it, and unlike almost everyone else ever, Tucker can both make a point and be funny.

Though it took me a while to take him seriously since the only person named Tucker I had ever heard of was Tucker Carlson

There's Tucker, A Man and His Dream.

I am grateful for the writing on this site, but especially for that Deadpool review.

Excellent stuff.

Nathan: What about Tucker Max?

Honestly didn't hear about Tucker Max till last year.

I saw the Jeff Bridges movie, but forgot the guy's name.

Naw, whenever I hear the name Tucker I think of that smarmy asshole and his bowtie

Pretty good.

Now, next time you're at the same con as Baker, say it to his face.

Dude, why would anybody do that? What would be the point?

What, Dan, that he's "an undeniably talented guy with an enviable amount of intelligence and taste"? Are you saying that that's the black person equivalent of "faggot"?

Are you a RACIST, Dan? Do you SNEER AT RACES?

Baker seems like a resonable guy, I don't see any reason he would hate being called a talented guy who sometimes turns in subpar work for a paycheck. Which otherwise talented artist hasn't?

Also: I am also grateful for this blog. As grateful as Hal Jordan is for his father's afghan goatherd jacket.

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