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Eh, these generalizations about gender aren't really necessary. I'm a guy, and when I was little I was doing some of the same stuff you attribute to girls. I'm not proud of it. But it's not just girls.

Well, honestly I am not the one attributing it, actually. I was attending a seminar and the workshop leader was referencing and discussing a recent study and book on the the differences in brain development of males and females and went on to discuss how it plays out socially in the classroom. And although boys certainly do act similarly at times in life, the specific manipulative behavior of owning and disowning friends begins as early as 3 in girls the preschool classroom. It just doesn't start that early with boys. Boys have other ways of exhibiting, owning and testing their power which are *usually* more physical.

Although I haven't yet read the book(s) the professor was referencing, I witness this early behavior at the preschool every day.

Augh! You got this at MoCCA, didn't you? I couldn't find it! Instead I bought lots and lots of mini comics....

I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed it, though. It's fun buying new comics from new people and being pleasantly surprised.

I have nothing to add with your seminar. I agree with it. Little boys do other stuff like fighting. I remember a lot of fights designed as games and sports growing up....


I've been out of the country, so it took me a while to get to my email, but I wanted to thank you for the generous reading of our little Isabel. Nina, I enjoyed your insights and reactions... it feels great when a project reaches and clicks with the audience it was meant for! And of course, we are so glad that your many readers will now have a window into our world.

I have provided links at both my personal page and "The Littlest B" on Facebook!



Kenny - sorry I missed you at MoCCA! Illustrator Devon Devereaux and I are hitting several other conventions this year, including San Diego, Detroit and New York. And all the online retailers and most good bookstores also have the book if you just can't wait!


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