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I was really surprised at how much I liked this, too. Rafael Albuquerque did a fantastic job on the art, and Stephen King's scripting on the backup is pretty dope. I'm a fan for sure. It's got enough of an interesting hook to keep me coming back, despite my overall apathy about vampires. It just clicks with me and moves along pretty well.

I'm so glad there's no overbearing romance in this. That would have killed it for me, for sure.

Snyder's story is definitely stronger of the two, but I'm surprised at how well King scripted his.

Rafael Albuquerque was stuck on Blue Beetle at DC. Can you believe that? haha

Do these vampires sparkle? If not, I'm not interested! Real vampires sparkle!

There is such a thing as boylesque if you're in the market for something slightly more artful than the typical bump and grind. Seriously, look it up. But please keep in mind that I did say slightly.

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