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It's good to have Tim here; he's awesome. Damn, that actually makes Gray's Anatomy sound somewhat tolerable. Even my wife, a diehard fan of the show, quit watching a season or two ago, but now I kinda want to get her to show it to me and explain all this stuff like you do, if only to see some Kevin McKidd action. I love that guy; he was a fucking badass on Rome, and that show where he jumped around in time was pretty good too, whatever it was called.

Heh. "[...]wiry red thatch[...]" You're funny, man.

I think McKidd's time-travel show was called "Journeyman"...

That's the one!

So did the "Lost" reviews just stop because they revealed that the alternate timeline wasn't isolated & irrelevant, and that dipshit West is too much of a fucking twelve-year-old to back down on anything he's been ranting so stridently about?

Yeah, so my father-in-law is an ER doctor, and he thinks House is a barrel of shit. He thinks it reinforces the hoodoo medicine that is "totally unrealistic" (suprise!) and has no relation to real doctoring. Grey's Anatomy, however, he thinks is great, the "hi-jinks" of residency artfully reflected.

So as far as your accuracy comparison, at least one doc disagreed.

All this is per a totally unprompted conversation of about a year ago, in which he decided to share which shows he thought were the most and least accurate. Thought i would share...

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