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I wonder - do you think the Lost folks knew where they were going, or were they at least partly making it up as they went along? Maybe this has been answered elsewhere. Based on what I've seen, a number of people online seem to think that they were just throwing shit on the wall and seeing what stuck all these seasons, so an incoherent finale would be basically a cop-out - whereas, I think, a more ambiguous ending would be fine if it was obvious that this was where they were heading all along.

The example I'll use is the Sopranos, which I think was on the whole a borderline mediocre definitely overrated show that was - after a lackluster last couple of seasons - nevertheless partially salvaged by a phenomenal, perfectly ambiguous ending. But it didn't feel like a leftfield cheat (to me at least), because the main questions that needed to be answered were answered, and the questions left unanswered were left unanswered for damn good reasons. I think there is a distinction between that and, say, the X-Files, which basically just blew up the whole thing because they had no fucking idea where the hell the show was going after a certain point. The questions left unanswered by the end of that show (for those who still bothered to tune in) were questions that the audience had given up any hope of ever having properly answered, so the ending was more a mercy killing than anything else.

Which one do you think Lost resembles more, at this point? (And yes, I confess, I am sort of feeling out here to see if there's any point in me ever picking up the show on DVD.)

Oh, god, fucking Blagojevich. I can't tell you how many times I heard him on TV saying that same shit about all the great things he's done. He can't go five minutes without listing his supposed accomplishments; it must be insufferable to be in the same room with him. That's what cracks me up about him: that he thinks if he did something good, it exempts him from any crimes. I still remember the press conference he held when he was about to get impeached; he dragged a bunch of people in wheelchairs up on stage with him to illustrate something or other about how he never did anything wrong. It was hilarious.

As for 24, what was the big plot twist that people should supposedly be upset about? I saw a local news blurb that said something along those lines, but never heard the actual report. Did the president say she was a socialist or something? And is that picture an actual screencap, or some promotional thing. Because it is also quite hilarious, either way.

Tim, to somewhat answer your question about Lost, I remember reading an article in Entertainment Weekly years ago where they recounted the writing staff explaining the season 1 finale to an executive. The writers tell him "So they open the hatch, and there's a guy inside sitting at a computer, and he has to enter this code every 108 minutes."

The executive quite understandably asks "what happens if he doesn't enter the code?"

The writers stare at each other for a few seconds, then turn back to the executive and say "we'll figure that out next season."

If 24 doesn't end with Tony & Jack cradling each other as they both bleed out I will be as angry as the people who are bothered that Lost wasn't planned from the beginning.

I hope the 24 movie is just a republican-ass remake of Spartan.

"From here on out, it's time for blood."

Indeed my good sir, indeed.

"I hope the 24 movie is just a republican-ass remake of Spartan. "

I would pay good money to see that.

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