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Good call on Antichrist. It gets even stupider when you realize that the amorphous non-plot is probably supposed to be some sort of take on the Omen / Rosemary's Baby, where the kid was the son of the Devil (cloven feet didn't fit right in shoes!) and his death was actually good. Or something. And then the witches' coven kills Defoe in the last scene. It hurts.

However, I did see a fun T-shirt recently - a pic of the talking fox from the film with the "Darkness reigns" legend underneath, which says that the film is already reaching some degree of hipster cachet based on its mystifying, impenetrable awfulness.

The "Oh yeah" guy was fucking amazing.

I believe it was "chaos reigns", but yeah, I wouldn't mind that shirt, just because nobody I ever met would have any idea what it means.

That's a great review Matthew. I have never seen that movie, and now probably never will, but the review brightened my day.

Good reviews.

also damn how did I miss that Bad Lt. trailer?

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