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When the convoy drives into the shooting gallery in Clear & Present Danger and each car gets picked off, then each guard, then the very guy they were protecting, until it's just Ford with a gun in a doorway?

the producers of 24 stretched that scene into 8 years of television.

Ah, you're misremembering that. Harrison never uses a gun in that scene, he chooses instead to carry a body over his shoulder. He never really steps up to the table in the do-some-violence department, and for all the implied badassery, neither does Dafoe. It's all radios and computers for these guys. I think that's meant to help the audience member identify with them, but it just makes them look like a bunch of wimps.

right-wing pornography for middle aged white men. ... Is that an accurate description of the books?

YES YES YES, a thousand times, yes.

Ah, you've read them? So what's the deal: action porn or protocol porn? I can handle action porn, those books that have the giant mustache guy have always seemed like a high possibility, but i'd rather read non-fiction protocol porn.

It's a mix-- the Rainbow Six stuff leans more toward action than protocol, the Jack Ryan stuff toward protocol and intrigue.

Clancy mixes it up, though. At one point, DC gets hit by a bomb or a crashing plane or something and through some insane series of events Ryan ends up being the president and just tells people what to do all the time. There's another where he talks the president down from freaking out and launching an all-out nuclear holocaust.

Rainbow Six, iirc, opens with the team foiling an airplane hijacking in midair because they can carry guns on their plane due to a special license. It kinda sets the tone for the book.

I read all of these in middle school when I went wild with a library card. I remember Without Remorse being a pretty rocking revenge story, with John Clark killing his way across the country while grieving his dead wife, but wiki says it's 600+ pages so that's probably wrong.

But yeah, they are very much in that lane of "We are America and right, now just unzip your pants a little while we talk about terrorists being beheaded. It's okay."

All in all, though, the Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, and Splinter Cell games are way, way better than the books. Sam Fisher is Michael Ironside as Solid Snake.

I keep believing there's a fiction book in this genre out there that's as balls-the-fuck-out as Steve Coll's Ghost Wars, but the wiki pages for Clancy just sound silly. I did like the description of The Ryan Doctrine for its sheer banality, but again, 800 pages?

This is such a 19-year-old thing to say, but there are Splinter Cell BOOKS?!?

So basically Tom Clancy novels are superhero comics for middle aged right-winger military enthusiasts?

Hell, as long as people don't take it seriously, I'm all for that. Every group deserves their own escapist fun.

Basically, imagine a right-winger's version of The West Wing, with all the attendant jerking off to the magisterial authority of Process.

"I keep believing there's a fiction book in this genre out there that's as balls-the-fuck-out as Steve Coll's Ghost Wars"

John Ringo maybe?

Do the John Ringo ones about a serial-rapist ex-Navy SEAL who is also king of his own kingdom with an army of mercenary whores flies around in a black Hind-D blasting Black Metal while killing terrorists count?

God I wish I still had the PDFs of that series, they were probably some of the most insane shit I've ever read.

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