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I enjoyed this review a lot. It was fun reading about a song and TV movie from your youth that affected you so much and thinking back on what affected me similarly. I really enjoyed this!

While I didn't read The Sword, I am reading American Vampire just to keep up with the column!

Wasn't "The Sword" just really completely superb? And, like, nobody around this crazy web of ours is saying anything about it except Nina here* and it only gets two comments and one of them is me. What a fucking crime, right? People ought to be crapping their shirts over the power of "The Sword." That story totally kicked my guts in the nuts.

*I am not at all trying to denigrate Ms. Stone, merely to observe that she is but one being, however excellent and distinguished in her tastes she may be.

Tom Spurgeon used to mention it pretty frequently, that's where I first heard about it. But you're right about it not getting a lot of notice, which is too bad. It's remarkable how the last few issues proved wrong every misgiving I had (you too, right?) about the gaping plotholes in the initial stories. This is one of the most well-planned versions of an action serial I've read in years.

I think the AV Club put it on their yearly top 10 list a couple years back, which made everybody scratch their heads. Maybe if I had actually read it, I wouldn't have whined about their poor taste. That assumption just made an ass out of me.

Nah, I love the AV Club, but I haven't paid attention to what they say about comics for a long time, unless it's an interview. You're totally justified in assumption before evidence when they're the source.

The answer is indeed, "Yes, me too." We read Justin's weak-assed narrative, "Blah blah then he told these totz awesomez stories about Zakros, they were teh inspiration like he was Peter Cetera," and we thought, Jesus this is some lame exposition, but what the hell, disbelief must be suspended.

And then the big reveal comes around and caulks the weak wall. It's especially impressive in the context of this moment we now live in, where pretty much every Climactic Story Twist we've seen since forever has made no fucking sense at all when everything we had seen up to then is considered. (Like, wait, so his master plan is to blow up a whole ship to kill the only man who has EVER seen him, and the culmination of the plan has him being looked at and spoken to for two hours by an entire police station? And he's the most geniusest evil bad man evah? For real? That is one god damned stupid master plan, then, right?)

Yes, Come Sail Away was at the end. I was googling that song a couple weeks ago to find out what tv movie that song was played at the end. I couldn't remember the movie and wanted to so bad because I was also a little girl mesmerized by that movie. It finally came to me to google giant sea turtle/70's Tv movie.

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