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Hey Nina,

I must admit - I had no desire to read this comic, but your enthusiasm is contagious! I'm going to try it out only because of you!

And a pink guitar sounds like it would kick major ass!

The long fingers and unhinging jaws reminds me of a few vampire movies. Also Templesmith's stuff for the "30 Days of Night" universe vampires...

But your reviews do make me think I'll try to grab the first trade when it comes out...

Hey Nina,

I finally read the two issues out so far and I was pleasantly surprised. I think my biggest surprise has been how much I enjoyed the King back-ups. I don't generally enjoy his writing, but the story he's telling so far has been enjoyable. I'm not as over-the-moon about the series as you are, but it's fun. I'm going to keep reading so I can keep up with your reviews!

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