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Nicely done.

That Indian wrestling bit is priceless - he clearly committed to the figure too early, came up with a quick solution and thought nobody would notice. In all fairness, drawing too characters making a point of contact like that (especially when you are showing their feet as well too) is extremely hard.

You can say a lot about DC, but at least they don't name their titles things like "Siege: Epilogue: Sentry: Fallen Sun" or "Ultimate Comics New Ultimates".

...Which is not to say that I think DC is better than Marvel, even slightly.

@Chris: http://tinyurl.com/28tmuqj

@Chris: http://www.comicbooknoise.com/2007/11/02/review-52-aftermath-crime-bible-five-lessons-of-blood-1/

There doesn't actually seem to be any review of Astonishing X-Men whatsoever, Mr. S. I'm not saying I deserve it, I'm _entitled_ to it, this here is free, I come here to see the things I also bought pilloried and have lulz, etc.

But, you know, there probably are too many comic blogs and yet I still got banned from Standard Attrition for defending them, you primarily. (Well. It may have been because I called Brian Wood a "massive crying penis", I'm not privy to the decision.)

So, I don't know. I'd quite like to see Xenogenesis mocked into the ground, because it's part of the experience, but whatever if you're too busy.

Obviously, thats what you get for reading in the RSS - there was a video all along! Hooray.

What was that - Teenagers, was it? - track you reviewed SWORD or Phonogram with, I can never find it anymore.

Goddamn man. Great stuff. Thanks.

even if i agree with some points in those revies -most of them, in fact- ... i can say that you come out of it looking just cynical and mean-spirited, wich is kind of sad since it takes away some validity to what you are saying. i know you re not looking for 'validation' when writting these things, but come on, as a regular reader of this site i know that you can be interesting-sharp-funny-and-a-little-irreverent without sounding, well, bitter...

-and i'm not pulling the 'regular reader' card becouse i have some kind of weird sense of entitlement, just to say that i really enjoy reading this site regularly :) -

I think bitter Tucker is the best Tucker. Except for mean and bitter Tucker, which is even bester. est.

Still though...do you really mean to tell me Grant Morrison doesn't care?

Seriously going with the racism angle with Ryan? Well whatever you feel works.

Honestly got bored halfway through your Batman post, but Astonishing video was the best. Did you make that or find it?

Also two moments of blah blah nerd stuff from me
1). Lois said NASA confirmed NK was gone, most people take confirmation from NASA at face value when it comes to planets.
2). Cavemen english is a perspective flip, its why Bruce appears to be speaking gibberish. Also in an interview (I'm one of those no-lifers who checks Newsarama/CBR religiously) Morrison says cavemen speaking in all grunts was overused so he decided to have them speak like australian aboriginal people.

"I think bitter Tucker is the best Tucker. Except for mean and bitter Tucker, which is even bester. est."

I think flat out angry Tucker is the best

Huh. I totally stand corrected.

Also, I think "Now wait just a minute, here" Tucker is my favorite.

I like battle damage Tucker where you hit his breastplate and it flips around to reveal another breastplate that's fucked up with gashes. It's almost as cool as my Ray Mescallado figure where you put his metal endoskeleton in a mold and it gets covered with bio-flesh you can tear off when he fights your He-Man guys.

You've certainly lived more than I have Jog.

Does happy Tucker exist, and if so is it still cool like other Tuckers or lame in a "Yahtzee likes Psychonauts" kind of way

looks like another video in that channel might showcase the 'happy tucker' action figure.

Did anybody else get the Arctic Action Tucker variant? All white snowsuit, baby seal clenched between his teeth, flecks of blood down his front? That one's my favorite. I keep it on my nightstand.

I prefer Nyarlathotep Tucker with the kung-fu action grip fish eyes, where you pour kool aid in the butt and it actually gives birth to a thousand young.

This is basically what I experienced while reading this post:


Tucker's gone into a state of Tuckermania. Now, when he's like this nothing can hurt him. It's like a seizure of strength.

I'm not sure what everyone is on about, this was aight but Tucker's done better...? This felt almost identical to the last in terms of style and tone... Eh. He had more energy in the second last.

That'll do, Tucker. That'll do.

I've never understood the raving over Morrison's stuff, but then again I've never understood how mainstream comics has become such a writer-dominated culture, either. No one would give a second thought to Seven Soldiers if DC hadn't assigned it artists like JH Williams and Frazer Irving, just like no one would give a shit about League of Extraordinary Gentlemen if it wasn't for Kevin O'Neill's art.

The word Tucker has been used so many times in this comment section that it no longer has any meaning to me.

(Existential Nihilist Tucker!)

Paul DeBenedetto: http://blogs.westword.com/demver/tucker.jpg

When Tucker wrote "You're acting pretty Jewy there, Buster Brown," he was actually quoting himself. He says this to me every damn Wednesday.

"You can say a lot about DC, but at least they don't name their titles things like "Siege: Epilogue: Sentry: Fallen Sun" or "Ultimate Comics New Ultimates"."

What about:

Countdown presents:The Search for Ray Palmer: Gotham by Gaslight?

Of course, nobody remembers the existence of that comic, so I guess it doesn't counts.

That Return of Bruce Wayne review should be tattooed on Sean Collins' genitals.

this is america?
thats funny, I could have sworn this was australia.

oh, you're an idiot, ok then.

Has anyone ever commented in this blog, at which we are, words along the lines of, "Tucker? I don't even know 'er?" I feel that doing so would be an effective play on word fragments and pertinent to the conversation as well. I implore anyone to consider doing so.

Also, this is the totally appropriate time and place to point out that when I predicted that Oberon Sexton was the Riddler, I was in one sense 100 percent correct, but in a realer sense I was closer to about 85% correct.

I predict that "The Return of Bruce Wayne" will reveal that Bruce Wayne is the Riddler.

"You'd think that a newsman might want to first make sure he can verify the story, that he can then tell the story, but according to this, Perry's impulse is to first find out exactly what the local hot dog vendor thinks. "

No, the comic is exactly right, that is the newspaper business in the Year 2010.

I'm not saying it's not awful and stupid and the creative team shouldn't be ashamed, but they come by their awful stupid shamefulness honest.

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